Investors are pretty much worried with high incidence of corporate debts and ever-mounting interest rates.ย  In case, your small business is overburdened with debt, it is the best time to try getting rid of it. Debt is an integral part of operating a small business. A business line of credit, a business loan, and even a business credit card could assist your firm in hiring new employees, purchasing equipment and financing growth.

As per, the NSBA report clearly demonstrates that small business loans are regarded as a key constituent of economic growth for both the small businesses and the employees working for them. A direct correlation could be established the capacity to hire employees and access to small business funding. However, excessive debt could be responsible for stifling cash flow and exposing your business to potential risk. Robert Trosten helps us with effective small business debt elimination steps.

Check the Steps Below

Reviewing Your Budget Helps as Per Robert Trosten

In the case, you are not having a budget, it is high time you focused on creating one. When you go through your bank statements and credit card statements for the past few months, you could be well-equipped with the relevant data and information for coming up with a basic budget. You would like to review all sources of expenses and revenues and wish to go about identifying trends such as revenues that are declining or expenses that are going up.

In the event, your small business is having more than just a single client or revenue sources, you could consider effectively grouping both income and expenses for determining the most profitable parts of your small business.

If you find the calculations and number analysis pretty overwhelming and challenging, you may consider using a competent budgeting tool or digital software systems that often offer free versions. Seek the services of a qualified accounting professional for an accurate review of your overall financial situation. You could avail low-cost or even free business mentoring or counseling via diverse organizations.

Examine Your Existing Debt Advises Robert Trosten

You must consider all your debts in terms of monthly payments and interest. This should include payments on lines of credit, interest loans, business credit cards, and even all outstanding vendor payments. Once you have an idea about all your debts, you could consider prioritizing debts as per your decision regarding which one to tackle first. Experts recommend eliminating high-interest debts first.

Come Up with Some Additional Revenue Suggests Robert Trosten

We know that business debt could be quite complex in many ways for paying off as compared to consumer debt. Individuals are generally dependent on a fixed income with very little opportunities to earn more from some other source so, they are compelled to reduce expenses and cut costs. As a business, there are many opportunities to boost income. You could try diverse tricks and tactics for boosting your revenue.

You may consider engaging in cost-effective promotions, for instance, offering coupons or discounts, organizing a limited-time sale, etc. If you are having a substantial stock of inventory, it is evident that you could think of selling off the stock organizing a special discount sale for freeing up some cash to eliminate debt.

Robert Trosten Urges Businesses to Reduce Expenses

It’s quite surprising how many business expenses run on autopilot once they are set up. This is exactly why it is important for you to review your budget frequently and classifying each of your expenses into one of the following categories:

Eliminate: These are expenses you need to offload as soon as possible. They are likely a drain on your finances and do not add enough value to the business to be justifiable. You might have to think long and hard about this one because not all of these will be easy to cut, but all of them will likely be required. If you have to let someone go to stay afloat, it might require a restructuring of various responsibilities, but you should get around to it either way.

Negotiate: These are essential products or services that you cannot slash outright but can either look for cheaper alternatives for, or negotiate a lower cost with the vendor.

Continue: These are unavoidable, essential expenses that you need to retain at all costs and cannot restructure in any way. A good example for this is payroll taxes.

When surveying your expenses, remember to factor in all expenses, especially infrequent ones such as annual or quarterly subscriptions that renew automatically if not cancelled outright.

Robert Trosten Tells You to Check out Other Avenues to Mitigate or Better Handle Debt

Boosting sales and cutting the fat around your operations typically should give you a good deal of cash to tackle debt more effectively, but if things are still out of hand, there are three things you can do.

First, sell off any spare inventory, equipment, and supplies that are not frequently used. You can lease or buy used if necessary, at least until things are looking better.

Next, you can consider downsizing your operations by moving to a smaller office, or an area where rent and utility costs are significantly lower. You could also move to co-working spaces with shorter leases, or switch to the remote working model for as many workers as possible.

Finally, look for opportunities to share. If you are in an area or a building with a lot of offices, it could be in your best interest to share resources like internet services, infrastructure, or even employees if possible.

Robert Trosten Urges Everyone to Consider Refinancing High-Cost Debt

The Federal Reserve often raises interest rates and these hikes culminate in increasing the variable-rate debtโ€™s cost including lines of credit and credit card balances. If a small business finds it pretty difficult to stick to repaying debts, you may opt for refinancing or debt consolidation. With the help of refinancing, you could be taking out a relatively lower interest rate loan for repaying the original loan. With the help of debt consolidation, you could combine multiple loans into a single new loan. You could take out a loan that is greater than all existing loans so that you could repay all your existing loans with just one big loan that could be repaid later. Robert Trosten urges,

You could consider refinancing or consolidating all your business credit card debts with the help of a balance transfer directly to a brand new credit card with zero percent interest. You must learn about the precise fees.


Choose short-term payment choices. It is quite natural to feel truly overwhelmed if you are in a situation when you are neck-deep in small business debt. The best way to tackle overpowering debt is to follow the advice provided in this article and get committed to a strategy and concrete plan to eliminate existing debt.

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