Hollywood has always bombarded our minds with hopes and dreams (and a bit of envy) for having the perfect skin. To make matters even more intense, social media is a daily reminder of this as well.ย 

But you’re not as far away from great skin as you think. Having smooth, even skin is attainable can actually be reached in a few simple steps, as long as you’re consistent and have some extra patience to spare.

Here are 10 pieces of skin care advice that can get you on the road to the best glow of your life.ย 

1. Wash Your Face Properly

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This might sound a bit silly but there are people right now that are washing their faces incorrectly. Well, wrong is a harsh way to put it. Let’s say that they aren’t cleaning their skin in the most efficient way.

We’ve all seen the skin care advice on commercials that show someone slathering a facial wash on then quickly rinsing it off. In reality, it’s more beneficial to give your face a thorough scrub for at least 30 to 60 seconds. There are some products that may have a more fast-action cleansing agent but in general, this time length is a good measurement.ย 

2. Drink of Plenty Water

Surely this is a piece of skin care advice that has stood the test of time. No matter how many creams or serums you use, it might still be difficult to see any progress if you aren’t drinking an adequate amount of water daily.

Our bodies consist of up to 60% of water so it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration can lead to dull, uneven, shriveled skin. Also knowing the difference between dry and dehydrated skin can help with finding the right solution if you are experiencing these issues.ย 

3. Don’t Skip Out on Sunscreen

The sun provides a lot of benefits, including vitamin D and improved mood. However, a big topic when it comes to skin care advice and sun exposure is not to get too much of it. And if you must, always make sure that your skin is protected.

No matter what type of skin you have, applying sunscreen when there is direct sunlight hitting you can save you the risk of running into serious medical conditions, such as cancer. Also, keep in mind that you may still be susceptible to UV (ultraviolet) radiation even if there is an overcast.ย 

4. Choose the Right Moisturizer(s)

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Hydration might be one of the biggest keys to beauty. Making sure that you get ample moisture in your skin (and retain it) is important. Even people with oily skin should invest in a moisturizer that is good for their skin type.

Ideally, you should put on a moisturizer after you’ve properly cleansed your skin. Watch out for products that make your skin feel dry right after you’ve applied them.ย 

5. Settle on a Routine (And Stick to It!)

The other key to beauty and anything else in life is having a plan- and then remaining consistent with it. Create aย skin care regimen and try your hardest to stick to it.ย 

You might want to have different routines mapped out for day and night, as well as for when the seasons change.ย 

6. Use Natural Products

The beauty and skincare industry has become more health-conscious since people have spoken out more about harmful ingredients that are used in products.ย  Most people have tried to avoid purchasing certain items altogether by switching to natural alternatives.ย 

This doesn’t just go for cosmetics and bath and body products. It also applies to functional items that you can use for medical treatment purposes, such as first aid creams. Consider exploring alternative options like the benefits of topical CBD use to add more natural skin care products to your life.ย 

7. Eat a Balanced Diet

Since your skin is the largest organ on your body, what you ingest will typically show up on it. Think of when you eat something that you’re allergic to and you’re skin gets itchy and breaks out in hives. The same rule applies to when you get pimples and blemishes.ย 

Eating a balanced diet is an important piece of skin care advice to remember. Get a healthy mix of all the essential nutritional components, including fruits, veggies, and proteins (especially those rich in omega-3).ย 

Consider taking a multivitamin or any other supplementary aid that might have beneficial dietary uses. Consult with a doctor if you’re unsure about whether you should add supplements to your diet or not.

8. Exfoliate Regularly

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Dirt and dead skin cells can build up over time when you don’t take the proper steps of removal. You might not see the layers piling on but you’ll definitely notice a difference in your skin. Exfoliation should be done regularly to avoid this from happening, which can stop the skin from looking clear and radiant.

9. Know Your Skin Type

Before you start doing Google searches on the hottest, new beauty and body products to use, you’ll want to learn your specific skin type first. This is important because using the wrong type of product or coming into contact with a certain ingredient could cause irritation to the skin.

Don’t try the one-size-fits-all method with your skin. Take this skin care advice and find out what’s best for you.

10. Avoid Sleeping in Makeup

Makeup can make you look absolutely stunning. However, if it sits on your face for too long, it can start to agitate your skin and even cause breakouts.ย 

Before going to sleep, make sure you use makeup wipes and wash your face thoroughly to avoid sleeping in your cosmetics.ย 

Looking for More Skin Care Advice?

You don’t have to settle for skin that makes you feel insecure. Use some of this skin care advice to take small steps towards improving it.ย 

For more tips and tricks on getting your skin to look flawless, check out the beauty and wellness blog section on our website.ย 

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