1. Fresh off a Space Florida board meeting earlier this month, Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll outlines her vision for the future of spaceflight in Florida, which centers on luring private ventures to help fill the void left by the Shuttle program.
  2. Here’s a thorough breakdown of what Friday’s ruling striking down the individual mandate in the federal health care reform law means and does not mean.
  3. Here’s a look at how the Supreme Court might view the case.
  4. Here’s where things stand in the ongoing turmoil surrounding Attorney General Pam Bondi’s foreclosure firings, according to the Orlando Sentinel.
  5. A tandem of Panhandle lawmakers is itching to revive a measure easing septic tank inspection requirements.
  6. Number of the day: 3 — Number of current or former education commissioners still on the state payroll, earning six-figure salaries.
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Business groups continue to urge EPA to implement state-drafted water pollution rules

A slew of national organizations and businesses are continuing to join together in urging EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to approve a set of Florida-specific water pollution standards drafted by the state, rather than set of rules promulgated by the federal government. In a letter sent to Jackson earlier this month, groups including The Fertilizer Institute argue that the state Department of Environmental Protection has worked tirelessly to develop its own water quality standards.

Georgetown report: Florida Medicaid pilot program still shows no proof of saving money

Georgetown University released a report today indicating that Florida's Medicaid managed-care Reform Pilot program has not shown any clear signs of saving money. Nevertheless, the state Senate Health and Human Services committee will vote tomorrow on S.B. 1972, which establishes the Medicaid managed care program as the statewide, integrated managed care program for medical assistance and long-term care services.