1. Why does Florida turn away money from the federal government?
  2. Changes to Florida’s unemployment compensation program start kicking in Aug. 1. What will that mean for people seeking benefits?
  3. ProPublica uncovers more evidence of malfeasance in foreclosure cases.
  4. Here’s a map that shows Florida’s drought is worse than in other states.
  5. Here’s quick look at Adam Hasner’s long-running jihad.
  6. Quote of the day: “We need to be a party of big ideas, and not legislating one way and running another.” — Senate President Mike Haridopolos, explaining why he will not be supporting Hasner for U.S. Senate. Hasner has ripped Haridopolos for failing to pass conservative priorities such as E-Verify in an effort to position himself as the most conservative candidate in the race, while Haridopolos has accused his erstwhile opponents of “legislating from Twitter.”
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