1. In a continuing effort to revamp his public image, Gov. Rick Scott invited the capital press corps into his “inner sanctum” for coffee and doughnuts (see coverage here, here and here) and announced a series of Bob Graham-inspired “workdays.”
  2. Scott also appeared to take a more nuanced position on immigration.
  3. Also trying to revamp its public image? The Florida Lottery.
  4. Algae blooms and fish kills are causing concern along the state’s Gulf Coast.
  5. Did a surge of African-American voters in the 2008 elections lead to the passage of Amendment 2, a constitutional referendum banning same-sex marriage? No, a new study finds.
  6. Number of the day: 14 — Length of additional time, in days, that state Medicaid officials received to extend their waiver from the federal government for a five-county managed care pilot program. According to the News Service of Florida, issues center on future funding of the Low Income Pool, a $1 billion program that steers funding to hospitals that care for poor and uninsured patients.
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