1. The Wall Street Journal casts the aftermath of Standard and Poor’s decision to downgrade America’s debt as a battle for credibility between the ratings agency and the Obama administration.
  2. Here’s the lastest in the ongoing battle over how the IRS should handle contributions to shadowy political organizations that have proliferated in the wake of Citizens United.
  3. Here’s the latest in the ongoing battle over whether and how to “fence in” the state’s universities.
  4. The Miami Herald looks at lawmakers’ efforts to scale back oversight of assisted living facilities (background here).
  5. An effort to deepen Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale to make way for “supertankers” from the soon-to-be widened Panama Canal has raised environmental concerns.
  6. Number of the day: 77 million — number of documents the federal government classified last year, according to a St. Petersburg Times editorial criticizing the Obama administration for its “zeal for secrecy.”
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