Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink is set to announce the details of her new foundation today. Sink, Florida’s previous chief financial officer and a longtime banker, has said that her foundation will focus on economic development.

In a recent interview, Sink said that the Florida Next Foundation will be a “non-profit, non-partisan policy foundation doing some research, gathering best ideas from around the world and input from everyday Floridians about how we rebuild our economy by supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

The Foundation’s initial headquarters will be in Tampa’s Museum of Art, where Sink is slated to give a press conference sometime today.

Via the Tampa Tribune:

Sink said maintaining a public profile and activity on public policy is one of her goals.

“Sure it’s an effort to continue to be active in the public life of our state. Kind of like Bob Graham – I’m not done yet,” she said. “Like for Jeb Bush, his foundation has thrived for 20 years, and my dream would be that this foundation would thrive in the same way.”

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