Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink released a new two-minute ad today, slamming her Republican opponent in the harshest attack yet leveled by the CFO. In the clip, she turns the spotlight on Medicare fraud allegations tied to Rick Scott’s former health care company, Columbia/HCA, from which the ad claims he resigned with a “$300 million golden parachute” after the company paid a record setting $1.7 billion in fines.

In addition, the video highlights his invoking of the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination in 2000.

The ad itself is formatted to appear like a legitimate news piece, featuring fancy graphics and shots of bank vaults, stacks of cash and a not-yet-bald Scott looking a little shady at times. The piece is dubbed “Fraud Files,” and closes with the narrator asking if Scott will ever release videotape of a deposition he gave during a lawsuit involving his company Solantic, “or will he get away with the greatest fraud of all?”

The ad will begin airing Wednesday during local newscasts in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area:

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