Though polls show the outcome of the Florida governor’s race is very much in doubt, it’s a given that television viewers will continue to be inundated with ads till Tuesday. The average viewer will see between nine and 22 ads for both candidates, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Democratic candidate Alex Sink actually outspent Republican Rick Scott on ads going into the final week: $7 million for her versus $5.2 million for Scott.

The two candidates combined have spent a record $54.6 million in television advertising. Scott averaged $2 million a week in the primary campaign, outspending his opponent, Bill McCollum. During the general, buoyed by the Republican Party of Florida, his campaign has averaged $2.8 million a week, while Sink and the Florida Democratic Party averaged $2.7 million a week.

It’s remarkable that the two candidates are roughly equal in the polls considering Scott has spent upwards of $60 million of his own money in the race; Sink was able to keep up in part because she lacked a primary opponent.

Luke Johnson reports on Florida for The American Independent.

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