Since releasing a new ad defending her ties to President Obama, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink‘s office has remained defensive when responding to Rick Scott‘s so-called “attacks.”

In a statement released yesterday, Sink spokesperson Kyra Jennings said that Scott’s recent claim that the Democratic candidate wants to cut Medicare benefits for Florida seniors was blatantly false:

Rick Scott’s record on Medicare is as disreputable as his latest lies about Alex Sink. Floridians know that Rick Scott oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in American history, he supported ending Medicare as we know it by privatizing it, and he refuses to release a deposition related to his new company illegally operating clinics.

Considering his shameful record, Rick Scott shouldn’t even want to say the word “Medicare.” He can lie about Alex’s record all he wants, but it does not change the fact that Alex Sink is clearly the only candidate for Governor who is committed to protecting Florida’s seniors. Rick Scott may have been able to avoid telling the truth in court through clever legal maneuvers, but if he wants to be governor he needs to come clean with the people of Florida.

Sink’s office has been gradually gaining steam since the August primaries, which saw a heated campaign between Scott and former Republican rival Bill McCollum. Now that Scott has been pitted against Sink, the mudslinging will likely be directed her way. An editorial published in yesterday’s St. Petersberg Times seemed to echo the Sink campaign’s thoughts on her opponent: “If Scott intends to convince mainstream voters he is fit to be governor, he should get to work on state issues. So far, he seems to be just a rich Republican who is mad at Democrats in Washington and taking it out on Florida.”

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