Alex Sink, the leading Democratic candidate for governor, toured Miami neighborhood Liberty City on Saturday. “It’s time to fire up those emails and if you have Twitter, tweet,” Sink told a group of a little over 100 local politicians, party activists and residents who attended her rally in the African Heritage Cultural Center.

She insisted on the need to get out and vote for the Democratic state ticket to the overwhelmingly African-American audience.

Kyra Jennings, campaign spokesperson, told The Florida Independent that the rally was organized in cooperation with local Democrat County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson District 3.

Sink told the audience, “I have a plan to put Floridians back to work. We have to revive our economy; we’ve got to diversify our economy. The health-care sector for example has created jobs in the current situation, and we need to promote health-care sector jobs in Miami.”

Jennings also told TFI, “Sink supports the Hands in the Sand [sic] event that took place today, and she has called for a special session of the state legislature to discuss a ban on offshore drilling.”

“We needed change and hope and you elected President Obama,” said Sink. “I will work with the president and Kendrick Meek.”

Meek is a Miami native running for U.S. Senate and faces Jeff Greene in the Democratic primary in August. Both trail independent Charlie Crist and Republican Marco Rubio in the polls.

When asked about an Arizona-style immigration law for Florida, Sink answered, “People should not be here illegally; the federal government must secure our borders and develop immigration reform policy. An Arizona-style law would be bad for Florida.”

Frederica Williams, Shirley Gibson, Marleine Bastien, Allison Austin, Rudy Moise and Phillip Brutus — all Democratic Party candidates running for federal, state and local office — were present, along with supporters.

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