Our bodies possess a powerful tool to fight bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing agents. The immune system keeps us safe from many kinds of threats but occasionally, it can become compromised.

A weak immune response makes you more susceptible to infections and illnesses. Luckily, you can do a couple of things to strengthen your immunity and lead a healthier existence.

Eliminate Your Bad Habits

Let’s answer the most important question first – can you really strengthen your immunity? The short answer is yes. Just like any other system in your body, the immune system is affected by the things you do on a daily basis.

Thus, to have stronger immunity, you need to consider quitting some of your bad habits.

Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and over-reliance on junk food deprive your body from nourishment, which can impact the functioning of the immune system. Thus, if you need yet another reason to quit some of your vices, you’ve just got it.

Getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising also rank among the important lifestyle factors that can make your immune system stronger.

Take the Right Supplements

There are certain supplements and natural remedies we all rely on whenever we feel the onset of a cold. The aim of these is usually to boost the power of the immune system, allowing the body to handle the condition on its own.

Vitamins C and E rank among the biggest essentials for a strong immune response. Luckily, you can get enough of both through the consumption of various healthy, whole foods. Zinc, elderberry, probiotics, Echinacea, mushroom extract, garlic and ginger have also been considered immune boosters for quite a lot of time.

CBD is one of the newcomers to the supplement world and you may be wondering about the CBD immune boosting benefits. Research so far suggests that CBD oil could be beneficial in the treatment of autoimmune conditions and other immune deficiencies but there’s no conclusive evidence on its effectiveness in the realm of boosting the body’s natural defense. There are even clever ways to mask the flavor of these natural remedies.

Deal with Stress

The link between the mind and the body is a powerful one. Medicine has lately started paying a lot of attention to this connection and the way in which it could affect various physiological functions.

Chronic stress has been identified as one of the most detrimental factors in the realms of both emotional and physical wellbeing. If you are constantly stressed out and you don’t have a good option for de-compressing, you could be compromising the functioning of your immune system.

Exercise, yoga, meditation, art and even a walk in the park with your kids can help you unwind in the end of the busy day. Not only will you feel better if you engage in such activities, you will also become healthier.

Make Your Hygiene Stellar

This one doesn’t contribute to the strengthening of the immune system per se. it will, however, reduce the risk of infections. In a sense, you will be helping your immune system by reducing the range of pathogens that it will have to respond to.

The first and most important rule to internalize is wash your hands frequently! Wash your hands when you get to the office (especially if you use public transit), wash your hands before a meal and when you get back home. Lather them up good and make your skin is completely patted dry before leaving the bathroom.

It’s also very important to teach your kids the same rule. Germs spread easily on all kinds of surfaces, especially if these have been touched with dirty hands.

Safe food handling, using a mask when you may come in contact with an infected individual and sanitization of surfaces can also contribute to a healthier and happier immune system

Go Out in the Sun

Spending time in the sun can help you fight off infections more effectively. The reason is simple – vitamin D.

Known as the sunshine vitamin, this one is essential to overcome immune deficiencies. Nearly 90 percent of the vitamin D we need can be obtained from sunlight. Unfortunately, we spend so much time indoor, that the vast majority of the Western population is vitamin D deficient.

If you suffer from frequent infections and colds, you may want to have your vitamin D levels checked. Those who are experiencing a severe deficiency will need to go on a supplement for a certain period of time until vitamin levels stabilize.
Strengthening your immune system is about eating the right foods, keep an eye out your health, leading a balanced lifestyle and enjoying some of your favorite activities every once in a while. Don’t underestimate the importance of happiness when it comes to the functioning of your body. It is a wonderful, powerful mechanism that can do incredible things, as long as you’re taking proper care of it.

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