You’ve gone through the work of defining your brand, choosing the voice and visual elements that create the atmosphere you want consumers to associate with your brand. You’ve invested in marketing strategies to market your business. Why isn’t your customer base growing and thriving the way you expected?

The problem could be that your brand awareness isn’t as strong or widespread as it should be. How do you spread the word and get consumers to be familiar with your brand? Start with these top strategies.

Start Releasing Brand-Forward Videos

Every type of content you produce should be brand-forward. That means it should clearly display your brand by having qualities that match your brand, whether your brand is clean-cut and professional, fun and snarky, or what have you.

Any branded content production will help, but videos are especially helpful because they let you combine sound, visuals, and wording. Fine-tune each of those elements so they portray the essence of your brand and give your customers the feeling you want them to get from your brand.

Those videos are golden so publish them in various venues like YouTube, your brand’s site, your social media pages, and so on.

Prioritize Social Media

Social media is another powerful essential for brand awareness. Around the world, the average social media user spends close to 2.5 hours daily on social media.

That’s a huge audience who’s available to see your content for large amounts of time. Plus, when users interact with your brand, their friends and followers get exposure to your brand too. It’s easy for a brand’s popularity to spread like wildfire.

Become a Guest Blogger

Spreading brand awareness isn’t just about getting your brand in front of as many people as possible. You also need to give them a positive impression of your brand.

Guest blogs are an excellent way to do this. Guest blogging involves writing a blog that will be published on a different website β€” not your brand’s site. The blog is still listed as being written by your brand or someone associated with it.

For one, this gets your brand in front of more people: the full audience of the publisher site. In addition, it positions you as an expert because readers see that this reputable publishing site trusts your information.

Create a “Spread the Word” Campaign

As we noted, social media holds great potential for spreading brand awareness but sometimes it needs some extra help. A “spread the word” campaign will do that.

Launch a campaign encouraging your followers to engage with you in a way that gives your brand more visibility. For instance, hold a free giveaway drawing and tell followers that to enter, they must post a picture of their favorite product for your brand and tag you in the post. All their followers will see those posts and gain familiarity with your brand.

Building Your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is something that needs to develop strategically over time. It’s an ongoing effort as well because you must keep getting your brand in front of consumers so they don’t forget about you.

The strategies above can launch your brand forward and your revenue will follow. For more tips for your business, check out more articles on our blog.

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