Home is where the heart is. All of us wish to live in a house that is big, comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing. One of the main factors in making a house aesthetic is storage. How you store things around the house contributes to how the house looks. No matter how big our house, we always tend to face issues of effective storage. As human beings, we have a nature to hoard stuff and not let go and more often than not, we often have more stuff than space around. Fortunately, there are extremely simple yet effective solutions to our daily storage issues.

Sorting them out

This is the primary step in removing clutter from your house. You must sift through all the hoarded stuff and see what is it that you really want and will use. Stuff that you do not want can be given to someone else who can make use of it. If the things you have are totally useless, you must scrap them without thinking too much. Having an unnecessary emotional attachment to material things only results in an increase in your house clutter. The most difficult part here is to get started. Once you do, the process becomes easier and you may even start enjoying organizing your stuff. Keep small-small goals that are easy to accomplish so that the task does not seem too overwhelming.

Let us look at a few simple yet effective storage solutions that you can use around your house.

The Bookcase

If there is one piece of furniture that is both versatile as well as cheap, it is the bookcase. It can be made the way you want. You will find a plethora of options out there. It usually is quite shallow and uses up vertical space. You can easily use it for storing extra linen, clothes, mats etc. in your bedroom. You can fold these and keep them directly on to the shelves. For those of you who are more particular about getting a uniform look, you can stack the linen and clothes into bins or baskets. You could also store other knick-knacks like belts, scarves, purses and other accessories here.

It does not end here. The bookcase can also be used equally well in your kitchen. You could store your dishes, utensils and even appliances there. If you opt for a basket or bin storage, you will get a neat and uniform look.

You can also use the bookcase for storing other things like supplies for your office, extra stationery, CDs, calculators and other electronic equipment. Your stuff stays neat and organized and your space looks clutter-free.

The Dresser

Another versatile piece is the dresser which usually can be found in a bedroom. However, they can easily be used in other rooms as well. A dresser will do well in your bathroom where you can use it to organize your toiletries neatly.

You could consider placing a dresser in other rooms like the kitchen, the living room, the passage….in fact anywhere. You could use the dresser to store shoes, office supplies, coats, pantry items and anything you want to. As a bonus, dressers give you a top surface to display your showpieces, frames and more.

The Desk

Choose the right desk for your house and it can aid as a fantastic storage solution eliminating many of your storage issues. Don’t go for a giant one. Ensure that the desk is slim and has drawers so that you can use it anywhere in the house. If your proportions are right, your desk can be used as a small dining table. Some other ways to use a desk would be as a console, as a nightstand or as a sofa table. It is all about choosing the right model.

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As the above examples clearly show, it is not about adding more and more storage solutions to our house. It is about organizing the existing stuff using common yet effective furniture pieces as the solution. If done right, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket and will also keep your house neat, organized and beautiful.

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