Are you worried about your commercial building?

Your commercial building is an investment. It should last without needing repairs. However, building maintenance is crucial.

Otherwise, your building could deteriorate, lose value, and even endanger your employees. Damaged gutters are a common problem among commercial buildings. Whether you have a warehouse or office building, you must inspect and fix your guttering.

Do you want to understand the warning signs of a failing commercial gutter system? Have you been struggling with the question, “How do I find a gutter repair company?” If so, read this article for guidance on spotting the warning signs of gutter problems.

1. Standing Water

Gutter cleaning and maintenance

Standing water in the gutters can cause several problems, including damage to the roof, fascia, and siding. Clogged drains with debris or are too small to handle the volume of water caused by rainstorms can become overwhelming. This can result in water overflowing and damaging the building’s exterior.

When water gets backed up or blocked, even for a short period, it creates ideal conditions for mold and mildew to develop. Over time, this can attract insects and pests, damaging the area’s wood. Additionally, excess water can corrode the gutters, leading to further damage.

Regular maintenance of gutters, including routine cleanings and sizing to ensure they are large enough to handle rainfall, is vital to avoid standing water in the trenches.

Homeowners should inspect their gutter systems after storms and clear out clogged sections. These solutions can help keep gutters running freely, protecting homes from water damage.

2. Cracks or Leaks

Cracks or leaks in the commercial gutter system are one of the most obvious warning signs that it’s time for gutter repair. Cracks can cause gutter erosion and sag and even lead to complete failure. Even small cracks or leaks can lead to significant water damage if not addressed.

The longer homeowners wait, the more potential damage the property could sustain and the higher the repair bill. If the gutters cannot move water away from the property, it can cause mold and water damage on the exterior and interior of the walls and even may result in leaks in the roof.

Make sure to keep an eye on your gutters and schedule any necessary repair work as soon as signs of damage or leakage appear.

3. Sagging or Pulling Away From the Roofline

If you’ve noticed that the gutters are not level and appear to be hanging away from the building, this could mean that the hangers that secure them to the roofline have become loose or damaged over time.

Gutter cleaning

If the gutters are not secured to the roof line, they can hang down and cause water to flow into areas that it should not. It can lead to various issues, from overflowing gutters to more serious structural damage and costly repairs, if left ignored.

4. Pests or Animals

Pests and animals can cause large damage to commercial gutters, often leading to a costly repair. Warning signs of potential pest problems include the presence of rodents, snakes, birds, and insects near the gutters. If any of these creatures are seen near the trenches, it’s best to investigate further.

A surefire sign of pest infestation is if the gutters are damaged or if visible waste or debris clogs the drains. Inspecting the gutter system for signs of injury, such as holes caused by gnawing or nests built in the gutter, is essential.

If you spot these warning signs, it’s best to take action as soon as possible and contact a commercial roof repair service. Not taking action about pests or animals can lead to a buildup of debris, water stagnation, and severe structural damage to your commercial property.

Additionally, pests and animals can carry diseases, so the risks associated with neglecting to repair your gutter could be severe. serious.

5. Rust or Corrosion

Keep an eye out for rust and corrosion when it comes to warning signs you may need commercial gutter repair. Rust occurs when oxygen reacts with the metal and corrodes it, while corrosion is a rusting process that can include erosion.

Rust and corrosion can be caused by water pooling in the gutters due to blockages. If you notice rusted or corroded spots on the drain, there could be serious underlying issues that need attention. Additionally, a sagging gutter could be a sign corrosion has weakened it.

6. Visible Dents

Visible dents can be an indicative sign that commercial gutter repair is necessary. Falling branches, overhangs, or a storm may cause dents. The dents can change the gutter’s shape and size, making it unable to direct the water, leading to further damage.

If the dents cause water to overflow, you should patch or replace them as soon as possible. A gutter with several dents in length or shape should be checked and evaluated by a commercial roof repair specialist.

Gutter Repair

If repairing is not possible, you must replace the gutter altogether. Dents can affect the gutter’s performance and increase the risk of water damage, making it essential to stop the issue as soon as possible.

If your commercial business has visible dents in its gutters, focus on repair or replacement to ensure your property remains safe from water damage.

Minimize Damage to Your Commercial Gutter

A broken gutter can lead to water in the basement, yard damage, air conditioning malfunction, and more. Act to cut damage and costs by getting the necessary commercial gutter repair. Don’t hesitate—to contact a professional gutter repair service today!

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