All relationships are different, there is no denying that. Each one has its highs and lows, as well as moments where it seems there’s nothing that can possibly tear you apart. Like in every relationship, there are the moments where you think you should end it, and the only thing keeping the entire thing together is the fact that you’re just too used to each other.

How can you differentiate between rough patches and relationship-breaking situations? What are the characteristics of a failed relationship and when can you hope to fix things up? These are undoubtedly very difficult questions and there is no easy answer to them — depending on the length of your relationship and whether the problems ripping you apart have been persistent for a long time.

Sometimes, there are issues that are not really deep-rooted and simply come down to having the courage to try new things out, like going to this site and pushing the boundaries and breaking taboos.

Not all dissatisfaction is physical though. That is when the troubles begin. Deep, emotional barriers that lay at the core of a flawed relationship are much more difficult to fix and sometimes even impossible to sort out. Keep reading to find out more about the most common signals that foreshadow the end of a relationship, and how to tackle them.

The worst kind of absence

It’s one thing when your partner isn’t there for you physically, because of work or other responsibilities. Some people’s careers and personal lives simply demand more traveling and moving around than others. While it sucks that you can’t spend more time together, it is not the end of the world, especially when your emotional connection is validated by long and sweet video calls and emotional reunions.

It’s a different beast when your better half is physically in the room but seems to be just an empty shell of their past personality. Your problems don’t concern them like they used to, dates start to feel like chores, and the most in-depth conversations you’re having these days are about the new cereal aisle at Whole Foods.

The crushing feeling of your partner slipping away and both of you losing interest in each other is crippling and can go on for years. Everyone can have a bad day or even a bad week now and then, but when the emotional absence persists for months on end, it might be the right time to end things. Otherwise, you’re just wasting each other’s time, falling into the cold, sad routine of a loveless relationship.

Living in Neverland

People say that you should never let the child in you die completely, and while that might certainly be the case, there is no excuse for anyone to permanently be a child. If your relationship dynamic is more that of a caregiver and a whimsical little kid, you’re in for a wild ride consisting of unresolved emotional issues, selfish behavior, and consistent shying away from any sort of responsibility.

They might even sincerely love you. However, sometimes love just isn’t enough. If your partner constantly shows signs of immaturity without any sort of willingness to grow out of it, you might want to consider breaking it off. It might hurt at first, but after a while, you’ll be glad that you’ve done it.

Staying in a relationship like this indefinitely will do more harm than good, especially for the person who refuses to grow up. It will validate their behavior — no matter how much you argue and nag them to consider your emotions and do the right thing at least once in a while, they will not improve simply because they know that you will stay by their side no matter what. Sometimes cutting the ground away from their feet is the only way to make a person take responsibility for themselves.

Preventing someone from pursuing their dreams

Now, this is the one sign of a failed relationship that is truly soul-crushing. You’re both deeply in love with each other. Your adventure together is fulfilling and satisfying on every level, however, you both know that one of you is longing for something they can never have if you stay together.

Whether it is a job offer, study abroad opportunity, or chasing a lifelong dream, there are barriers that even the most perfect of relations cannot withstand. If you’ve ever faced such a dilemma before, then you know very well how much it hurts to see in your partner’s eyes that something profoundly important is missing from their life and that the only reason for that absence is your relationship.

They might claim that they’re fine with it, or that they’re ready to make that sacrifice just to be with you, but this feeling of longing for an unrealized dream or opportunity will soon enough turn into deep resentment. If you want to avoid that, you might have to end it and let your love follow their dreams before it’s too late.

Final Thoughts

In the end, love will only prevail if you put in the work. Sometimes, it’s worth it and even if you go through hell and back you’ll be happy that you’re together. But sometimes, it’s best to count your losses and run while you still can!

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