Calculating or identifying an investment’s internal rate of return (IRR) is one of the most common ways investors estimate the profitability of both current and projected investments.

Real estate investors can more easily manage the market’s inherent complexity and make more knowledgeable judgments of when and where to put their money by using the increasingly popular practice of calculating IRR. So, what is a good IRR for real estate? Before answering this question, it is important to understand the significance of iRR in real estate.

Why is it Crucial for Investing in Real Estate?

Real Estate Investments

For multiple reasons, including the fact that there are ways to determine the sustainability of a real estate investment, internal rate of return is highly crucial for investors.

However, it is not as easy as checking a brokerage in the morning or simply turning on the tv to monitor the validity of a particular asset because real estate investments are not tracked publicly like stocks and bonds. Since real estate is a personal asset, its value is typically affected by more individualized factors than publicly listed assets or organizations.

However, that does not preclude the possibility of investments being impacted by the same factors that affect public assets. The economy’s daily, monthly, and annual variations invariably have a considerable impact on factors like the actual worth of currencies, the law of supply and demand, and the purchasing habits of entire populations.

As a result, RE investors frequently have to consider many aspects than those who are only focused on the profitability of publicly traded equities and bonds.

What Does A Good IRR Mean?

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IRR is a thorough method of considering a real estate investment’s prospective profitability. Before answering the question, โ€œwhat is a good IRR for real estate?,โ€ it is essential to understand what a โ€˜good IRRโ€™ implies.

In order to determine a good IRR, it is crucial to look closely at the potential investment and know that an IRR isn’t necessarily what it seems to be. For instance, even though a project may have a top-level internal return rate, the overall IRR for you as an investor will be lower because the developer or sponsor will have taken asset management fees before payouts.

In addition, the current standard of calculating investment income is yearly, even though distributions are made monthly or quarterly. So this may cause an internal return rate to be overstated. Furthermore, due to the projected income stability and level of risk, investments in Core, Core Plus, and Value Add will also produce varying internal rates of return (IRRs):

Core Plus: With little room for upside or downside, Core Plus investments will produce a smaller but relatively predictable internal return rate, comparable to the monthly payment structure of a bond or stock dividend.

Core: Due to steadily rising cash flows and potential gains upon sale, core properties will have slightly higher IRRs.

Value Add: Although the monthly cash flows may be irregular and the gain on sale higher than a Core Plus investment, Value Add projects may offer higher IRRs.

Example of IRR Calculation

Investing in Real Estate

Suppose you put $100,000 into a property with a five-year holding period. Your internal rate of return is zero percent if you choose the incorrect investment and experience no profit, no cash flows, and no loss at the moment of sale.

If annual cash flow with no sales profit

Initially spending $100,000

$12,000 in yearly financial flow

So, the internal rate of return for a $100,000 initial investment recovered after a five-year holding period is 12 percent or an annualized profit of 12 percent.


Real estate investors will weigh the profit criteria they consider when calculating IRR depending on their entire business or investment strategy. Profit can generally be defined as any earnings that increase an investor’s financial statement above the value of their initial investment.

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