With so many new platforms where you can watch your favorite shows, Disney + is bringing back the nostalgic movies we loved as kids as well as the series some of us had forgotten about. If you find yourself loving your weekends full of streaming the best new content on Netflix and Amazon, check out our list of TV shows that you either forgot about or didn’t know were now available to stream on Disney +! All you need is a Disney+ subscription and a high speed internet service!

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1. The Simpsons

Perhaps one of the most famous animated families around, The Simpsons will always be a crowd favorite when it’s time to pick the TV show to binge with friends or family for the night. With 31 seasons having been aired since 1989, Homer Simpson’s ridiculous situations and adventures with family, friends, and coworkers in the fictional town of Springfield will brighten up any cloudy day.

2. Recess

Don’t tell us you forgot about Recess! In this animated series made for kids, six fourth-graders at Third Street School run the playground as they make it their mission to keep their school free from bullying. Even through the rough encounters they have with the biggest bully of them all, King Bob, and his goofy friends, the kids find a way to fit in just enough to still stand out from the crowd and keep order in the school.

3. The Muppets

When your favorite characters Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, The Great Gonzo, and more returned to your television screens in 2015, it had been their first time being on air since 1990 when Muppets Tonight disappeared from the schedule. Now, the target for this show is more geared towards an older, adult audience, though the content is still plenty appropriate and funny enough for children as well.

4. America’s Funniest Home Videos

Who doesn’t remember watching Tom Bergeron do those fake trips off the stage whenever AFV went to a commercial break? Bring back the nostalgia of laughing at people doing funny and crazy things next to your family on the couch. Available on Disney + now, AFV is certainly a good way to get in a quick laugh.

5. Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted

A show that is vaguely reminiscent of the late Anthony Bourdain’s series, this program now available on Disney + follows Chef Gordon Ramsey as he travels around the world serving up delicious food and wild adventures. From finding inspiration for new culinary dishes in Laos to going spear-fishing and rock-climbing in beautiful Hawaii, Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted will make you start your own list of must-see spots in the world.

6. So Weird

Often described as the kid’s version of The X-Files, So Weird was a show on Disney in 1999 that had just three seasons. It followed Fiona Phillips, or Fi, a nerdy and introspective computer geek who traveled with her rockstar mother. Fiona is fascinated by all things supernatural, including UFOs, ghosts, and anything paranormal. On her journeys, she encounters something spooky, weird, or strange of which she must uncover the truth.

7. Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls features two kids who are begrudgingly sent to spend the summer with a weird uncle in his spooky, strange town. When they are forced to help him run a tourist destination called The Mystery Shack, they begin to see that not everything in Gravity Falls is as it seems. After finding secrets about the town in a discovered journal, the kids do all they can to run the evil from the town and restore the good that once was.

8. Boy Meets World

When we were younger, Boy Meets World always felt like a cool show to watch, especially once we got to see Corey and his friends in college acting like grown-ups. Of course, now that we’re adults, too, we see how unrealistic their college lives were – but that doesn’t stop us from loving it! Now available to stream on Disney +, you can watch and rewatch the friendship and love between Corey and Topanga for hours.

9. Agent Carter

Peggy Carter works for the Strategic Scientific Reserve as a fierce secret agent who attempts to thwart the atomic threats that flooded into the US government’s radar after World War II. However, her location is no longer in the city of New York that she knows, but rather in sunny Los Angeles, an entirely new dominion where she must balance her personal desires with the job she dedicated her life to doing.

10. Doug

A long-forgotten series of days gone by, Doug is now available on Disney +. A lonely yet sweet character, Doug is relatable to many kids who have trouble fitting in. Though he has friends at his new school in Bluffington, Doug enjoys his quiet time just as much as time spent with friends, which he often uses to write in his journal and create stories and drawings for his fantasy alter-ego, Quailman.

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