Residential and commercial pressure washing is on the rise, but are you sure you’re ready for it? Finding and hiring a pressure washing service is easier than ever, but there’s much to consider before you bring one on.

Here’s everything you need to know before you decide whether to rent a power washer or hire pressure washing pros. Read on to learn!

Rent a Power Washer

Power Washing

Renting a power washer can be wise if you must do a large job requiring pressure washing. But with these advantages, it also comes with disadvantages.


First, it can be much less expensive than purchasing the equipment outright. Power washer rental costs are pretty reasonable, depending on the size and type of the machine and the rental duration.

It will usually provide training for the equipment, removing the burden of figuring out how to use the equipment on your own. This will also include varying levels of insurance and technical support in case any issues arise.


If you are not familiar with the operation of this type of machine, you could damage surfaces that were attempted to be cleaned. Working with power washers also needs safety controls, like ear and eye protection.

Also, more water might be used than necessary, and it can be difficult to know how the machine will react to different surfaces. In short, there are several potential disadvantages when renting a power washer.

It may be necessary to factor in extra costs to ensure the job is done correctly and to be able to use the machine safely and effectively.

Hire a Power Washer Pro

Whether you are a business or a homeowner, hiring power washing professionals may be an excellent option for you, or it may not. Hiring a professional also comes with disadvantages. Here’s why.


Power Washer

The most evident is that a power washer can clean surfaces far more quickly and deeply than any other cleaning tool. This can free up workers’ time for other tasks. When the job’s finished, the results look fantastic.

It allows for cleaning materials that are more difficult to treat with other methods. Furthermore, using a power washer with chemicals intended for concrete surfaces can prevent the spread of weeds and moss.

It’s also much more economical than renting or purchasing such a machine, which can save a lot of money. If these advantages make you want to hire one, discover more here.


One concern is the cost of hiring a trained and experienced power washer. Although the equipment is dangerous, experienced pressure washers are trained to use the machinery safely, costing more than the average homeowner or business could pay without some level of financial assistance.

Different surfaces need varied treatments and pressures, making it difficult for a homeowner or business to know exactly what settings to use to protect their property. It also requires an area with enough water supply, such as a garden house, which again can be costly and inconvenient to provide.

Learn More About Renting and Hiring a Power Washer Today

Pressure Washing

It’s always a good idea to research when deciding if you should rent a power washer or hire pressure washing services. Depending on your budget and project size, you’ll want to weigh the cost and benefit of either option.

To get your free quote today, contact a pressure-washing expert in your area!

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