There are over 32.5 million businesses in the United States.

How do you make sure your design business stands out?

One way to do so is with a personal logo. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why having one is so important, and how you can create one cheaply with no fuss.

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A Personal Logo Sets Your Work Apart

A personal logo sets your work apart in that people will automatically know it is yours when they see it. If you put your logo on a piece of work, those viewing it will automatically see who designed it, even if the logo isn’t necessarily explicit.

A personal logo is a way of branding, and in a sense, watermarking your design work. It’s also a way of giving it a digital signature, if you like so that potential customers know who it belongs to.

You can create one quickly and easily with a logo generator so that you don’t have to waste a whole day thinking about it.

A Personal Logo Gives You More Control Over Your Work

A personal logo acting as a watermark also marks your work so that people cannot copy it as easily. A watermark of your personal logo goes over the photo itself. This way, people can see the photo for what it is and determine if they would like to purchase it and take away the watermark after they’ve paid the fee.

This gives you far more control over your work than it would if your designs were just posted online. You can always attempt to legally go after someone who uses your work without permission, but the process is often difficult and expensive. Many times, it doesn’t result in what you want it to, especially if you’re a small designer or design firm.

With a personal logo as a watermark, you can at least retain some control over your images. Sure, people can then pass them on without a watermark, but at the point of purchase, they will need to pay to remove it.

It Brands Your Business

All businesses have one thing in common: a logo. Some logos are so commonplace that you can likely recall them without much effort. Think of Amazon, McDonald’s or Starbucks. You can probably call them to mind without much concentration.

A personal logo brands your business like these companies. Although you’re not a mega-corporation, your logo helps keep you recognizable across all platforms. Using your logo on your business cards, website, Instagram, etc. allows potential followers and customers to find you more easily.

A Personal Logo Just Makes Sense

There really is no need for a designer not to have a personal logo. It today’s world, where most interaction and marketing is done via the Internet, it is very important to have a way to represent yourself online. A personal logo does that for you.

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