Do you have an unsightly tree stump in your yard? Has your partner been nagging you about removing it? The season for yard work is here and you have to decide whether you should buy or rent a stump grinder and what kind you will need.

There are a few things to consider when looking for stump grinders. Continue below for a closer look.

Should You Buy or Rent a Stump Grinder?

tree stump

If you run a tree removal or arborist business and routinely remove tree stumps, buying a stump grinder is the most economical thing to do. You should take into consideration how often you will need a stump grinder and the cost to rent versus buy.

However, for average homeowners and DIY landscapers who are embarking on one-time projects, you should rent a stump grinder.

What Kind Of Stump Grinder Do You Need?

There are a couple different kinds and sizes of stump grinders. Which one you end up needing depends on a few things.


If you have only one stump to remove or a few small stumps, something like the Compact Stumpex from will get the job done. Smaller stump grinders are more nimble and can fit into smaller spaces, such as right next to the house.


For larger tree stumps or to remove a lot of the trunk and roots, try a 2-speed hydraulic stump grinder. Something with high torque and staggered cutting blades will produce fewer wood chips for faster clean-up.

Stump Hog Attachments

For excavation-type removals, you’ll want a heavy-duty, stump hog attachment. These attachments can be mounted on skid steers, excavators, or carriers. Stump hogs allow you to see the blade and stump the whole time allowing for precision grinding.

Stump Grinder

Things to Consider

So which of these stump grinders is right for you? There are a few things you need to know before you decide.

Type and Size of Stump

A larger stump will likely require a bigger stump grinder. Likewise, a very dense or fresh tree stump will be more difficult to remove with a compact grinder. You should know the species of the tree, hard or soft, and how large it is before you rent a stump grinder.


Where is the stump in question located? On an incline or on level easy ground. The more rugged the terrain, the more helpful a larger stump grinder will be.

You also need to consider the size of the space. Maybe the stump is surrounded by other close-knit trees. This means you’ll need a smaller type stump grinder.

How Deep Do You Want To Go?

hog stump grinder

The depth of the grind is also important to know. If you want to just go ground level with the removal, you might not need a big machine. But if you really want to get deep, getting a lot of the stump out, opt for a larger, 2-speed, or hog stump grinder.

Getting Started

Stump removal doesn’t have to be an expensive, exhausting ordeal. If you know what kind of stump you have and where it is, you’re already halfway there. Then you can rent a stump grinder that’s right for you. If you enjoyed this article find more like it from Florida Independent.

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