You find that perfect homeโ€”beautiful porch, gorgeous kitchen, spacious yard. Except, there’s a big problem.

Look up. See that old roof? It could indicate that there’s already damage underneath, and it could cost a lot of money to replace. So what do you do?

You don’t have to walk away from the deal. In fact, it could be an effective negotiation tool.

Read on to learn more about what to do when considering a home with an outdated lid

Assess The Condition

If you’re buying a resale property, then chances are the roof is not new. Sellers often focus on making improvements that boost the market price of their home, and that doesn’t always include the roof if it’s not an eyesore.

A home inspector can help you determine the age of the roof. If it’s 10 years old or so, then there’s not much to worry about unless there’s obvious damage. Many roof shingles are rated for 25 to 30 years. However, that lifespan of roofing materials also depends on the local climate, and how well the roof and eavestroughs have been maintained.

Factor In Roof Costs

If the roof has been deemed insufficient, then it’s time to weigh your options. If it’s a seller’s market, then you might not be able to negotiate the price down as much.

It’s important to do your homework in this case. You need to know how much a new roof will cost so you can set aside funds to deal with it. A professional roofing company such as Ragsdale Roofing And Innovations LLC can provide an estimate of a replacement roof. Roofers can also tell you what type of roofing will work best in local weather conditions.

However, there are some situations where you might want to move on and check out a different property. For example, if the entire roof is sagging, it could be a sign of expensive structural damage. Algae on the roof could be a sign of excess moisture from poor ventilation, which will also need to be addressed.

Of course, if there are obvious water stains on interior walls or ceilings (especially if the area feels wet or soft), then you know there’s a problem that might be too much to handle with a bit of paint cover-up.

There are some situations where a damaged roof may not be the last straw for a home purchase. For example, if you’re buying the home as an investment to rent out, you might discover you can fix the problem with some roof repairs. Also, if it’s a buyer’s market, then you might be able to lower the selling price of the home (based on roofer estimates.)

An Old Roof Might Not Be a Deal-Breaker

By assessing the roof of a home with the help of a professional like a home inspector, you can determine its condition and whether there is damage.

From there, you can get estimates to replace the old roof so you can factor it into a deal, or set aside sufficient funds following the home purchase.

Aging roof shingles might not be a reason to walk away from a perfectly good home, so consider your decision carefully! Did you find this article useful? If so, be sure to come back often for more quality content.

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