5 million employees work from home for at least half of the time. If working from home is something that interests you, you need to have a moving desk. The best one to have is one that you can DIY!

Use this guide to find out what you should look for when it comes to DIYing a moving desk.


There are certain materials you want to look for when DIYing a moving desk. DIYing your moving desk means you can decide how long it will be. A key consideration is making it long enough to fit your desktop.

A DIY desk takes a lot of tools to complete. You can purchase your wood to make the desktop then cut, sand, stain, and finish it yourself.


A DIY computer desk is totally up to you. One thing all desks need is legs. You can decide on standard legs, industrial pipes, or a mobile computer desk on wheels.

The cut and length of the legs will depend on the size of the desktop that you make. If you want to make your DIY project into a mobile desk, you will have to do a little more work.

The extra things you need to think about for a mobile computer desk are the wheels it sits on. Find wheels that accommodate to your project, like Colson casters.

Flanges and Tees

Along with casters, you will need flanges and tees. An average desk will require four flanges. The number of tees needed depends on the level of the project you are working on.

Other Components

A moving desk can have optional components. This is your DIY project, so it is your choice whether or not to add these additions.

Some optional components include cable managers, power cords, and more. These are the most common options because they can keep your cables organized.


Now that you know what to look for when you are ready to DIY a moving desk, you can reap all of the benefits it comes with. The best advantage of building your moving desk is that it will have good ergonomics. This means you won’t have to deal with any strains on your body while sitting at your desk.

A desk without good ergonomics can cause back pains, carpal tunnel, eye strain, shoulder pain, and more. You could also fix your posture by creating a moving desk where you don’t have to bend down to view the computer screen. Everything can be on level to you and specifically made for your comfort.

Comfort is an advantage within itself, but having that comfort will make you more productive. You will feel more motivated and willing to get your work done knowing that you have a comfortable place to do so.

Of course, the most obvious advantage of DIYing your moving desk is that you can customize it how you like. You choose everything from the finish to the accessories.

DIY a Moving Desk Today!

Whether you are setting up a home server or a photography studio, DIYing a moving desk is the way to go. DIY your dream desk today by looking for these tools to use.

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