We are all grateful for our parents. They raise us and give us shelter for most of our lives.

But if you still live at home with your parents, you might be wondering if its time to move out. If you are wondering “should I move out of my parent’s house?” we have prepared this guide to help you decide whether the time has come.

You might be ready to move home. You might be looking at various neighborhoods to see where you’d like to live. But you aren’t sure as of yet about should I move out.

Should I Move Out? Here’s Why It Might Be The Time

If you are considering moving out of your home, we suggest you look at we-heart home advice. You want to make sure that you are prepared for should I move out. This is a big step so make sure you are certain you want to move out and that you are adequately prepared.

Now let’s look at the signs that the time is coming when should I move out of my home.

1. You Love Going Out

If you love going out regularly and you come home late, this can greatly annoy your parents. If they enjoy sleeping early and don’t want to be disturbed, they won’t like it when you come home at 2 AM.

Something as simple as hearing the car pull up in the driveway or the door swing open is enough to wake your parents up from their sleep. If this is happening regularly, you might want to move out.

2. You Have a Long Commute

If you commute to work and are tired of the long commute, you might want to consider moving house. So much of your time is wasted by being stuck in traffic.

If your parents live far from your workplace, you should consider moving somewhere closer to your workplace. You also want to think about the commute back home. Supposing you enjoy going to happy hour with your colleagues after work, you might still have to deal with a long commute and arrive home late.

If you cannot put up with this, you should consider moving out.

3. You Can’t Bring Guests Home

If you like entertaining guests, you want to make sure you can bring them home at any time. If your parents have strict rules about having guests over you might want to consider moving house. Even if your parents allow guests, they might have strict rules.

For example, if they want guests to leave by a certain time this won’t be ideal for you. They might not allow alcohol, loud music, or noisy activities which also won’t work for you.

What about bringing home your significant other? This can be awkward if you have to bring them to your parent’s home. If you like entertaining guests and your parents have stringent rules, you might want to consider moving out.

4. You Have Become Too Dependent

No matter how old you are, your parents will always see you as their child. Part of this will include picking up the slack. For example, if you haven’t done your laundry you shouldn’t be surprised if your mom washes, dries, and irons your clothes.

If you have been working all day you might forget to eat at the proper times. You can ensure that your parents will prepare a meal for you.

What are not Appropriate for an Adult?

But as comforting as these things are, they are not appropriate for an adult. You need to develop a sense of independence, and often this can only happen when you don’t have the safety net and reliability that your parents will do something for you.

As an adult, you have to assert your independence. Moving out and living on your own is part of this.

5. You Aren’t in Charge of the Decor

If you like to decorate your home or even your room a certain way, you might find that your parents aren’t too happy with this. After all, they are the owners of the house and they have the final say.

If you have wanted to make changes to the decor of the house and your parent’s object – you should just move to a new place and decorate it to your liking.

6. You Aren’t Perceived Well

As you get older, you will have to stand up to society’s constant scrutinization. There are expectations that we have of young adults. As you grow older, if you continue to live with your parents you will likely have a negative perception in the eyes of others.

Justified or not, you will not be seen as someone who is independent and capable of taking care of themselves.

This can affect your standing in society. It can affect your relationships with your friends, family, and significant other. You want others to perceive you as an independent adult. If they are not getting this impression, its time to move out.

7. You Don’t Learn About the Value of Money

When you live with your parents and have them take care of your needs, you seldom learn about the value of money. You might find that you are spending recklessly, because you know you don’t have to pay rent or bills.

Conversely, you might find that though you are frugal and are saving money, you aren’t saving enough to survive on your own.

When you Have to be Independent?

Only when you have to be independent and looking after yourself do you realize the importance of every dollar. You then become more conscious of how much everything costs and how much you should earn and save.

Part of growing up is becoming fiscally responsible. As long as you remain with your parents and are dependent on them, the more you delay this.

If you find that you are spending money without care or have poor financial management skills – it might be time to move out.

Get a Move Out Now

Now you have answered the question to ‘should I move out?’ If any of these signs apply to you, then you should start looking for a new abode.

Check out our website for more tips on moving and finding the perfect home.

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