It finally happened. Your boyfriend has asked you to move in with him. It’s the next step that’ll take this relationship from not-so-serious to potential engagement levels of serious.

But, before you get too excited, ask yourself, “should I move in with my boyfriend?” It’s the smart thing to do before making this life-changing decision.

Aside from that first question, these are the 5 most important questions to ponder before making duplicate keys to his place.

1. Am I Moving Too Fast?

First thing’s first. You should ask yourself if you’re moving too quickly.

Moving in is a big commitment for both parties. It shouldn’t be done on a whim. And it certainly shouldn’t be done before asking yourself this question.

Examine how long you’ve been together. Moving too quickly often results in suboptimal relationships that tend to dissolve. But if you’ve been together for a reasonable amount of time, perhaps nearly a year, now’s as good of a time as any.

2. Do I Have the Money for This?

Moving in is an expensive excursion. Aside from the emotional cost, it’ll be a pretty big chunk out of your savings to do so.

If you’re moving out of mom and dad’s place, it won’t be too devastating. But if you’ve got your own apartment or house, moving costs can be expensive. It can range from $2,000 to $5,000 depending on explicit and implicit costs.

Pick a cheap, well-rated company for help moving. It’ll save you time and back pain.

Don’t overlook the extra expenditures of now having two adults to feed and house.

There’s a lot that can go into this. Having enough money to move in is pertinent to the health of your relationship.

3. Should I Move in With My Boyfriend If I’m Uncomfortable?

How comfortable are you with your significant other? This is one of the hardest hitting questions you should ask yourself.

Have you done a trial run with living with him? What are his quirks and nuances? If you can’t stand the way he eats breakfast when you spend the night, can you stand to listen to him every morning going forward?

Living with someone else is a give and pull experience. There’s a lot to get used to with other people. You must be fully comfortable with him before making the move.

4. How Far Will I Be From Everyone?

Are you prepared to leave everyone behind if your boyfriend lives far away? You might be sacrificing more relationships to extend this one.

Family is very important. It’s everlasting, and it might be hard to swallow, but most romantic relationships aren’t.

You should consider all of your friendships and relationships with your family before moving forward.

5. Do I See This Working Out?

This should be your last and most important question to ask yourself.

How long-term do you see this relationship? If you can’t see yourself with him 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years down the line, then this might not be the right move.

Only you can gauge this relationship. If you think it’ll last, go for it.

Moving Day!

There’s a lot to ask yourself before making such a large commitment. After you ask “should I move in with my boyfriend,” you have to evaluate your relationship.

Look at every aspect of it, including financial and familial obligations. If you can’t justify moving in, then don’t.

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