Over the years pitbulls have had their fair share of bad press. They’ve been stigmatized as aggressive and dangerous dogs. Well, it turns out that nothing is further from the truth. As with any breed of dog, the Pitbull can suffer in the hands of bad owners.

However, studies have found pitbulls to have one of the calmest temperaments among several other breeds. If you’re asking yourself ‘should I get a pitbull?’ then you’ve come to the right place. The answer is ‘yes’ by the way!

Let’s take a closer look at five reasons getting a Pitbull is a great idea.

1. Loyalty and Affection

Pitbulls are notably loyal to their owners. From the day you take your Pitbull home to the day they pass away; your Pitbull will be a best friend to you and your family.

Pitbulls are incredibly affectionate towards humans so they’re a great choice for families with children. They are the polar opposite of an aloof feline! They love cuddles and they love to lick as a way of showing their affection.

Pitbulls will be protective over you, your family, and your property. Their affectionate nature towards humans means that – despite popular belief – they don’t make the greatest guard dogs. Not unless the assailant is scared of having their face licked!

2. Eager to Please

Your relationship with your Pitbull is a two-way deal. As a result, they are not recommended for first-time owners as you need to be comfortable and confident in handling the breed.

The being said, if you can teach your Pitbull who is boss then it will be sure to do everything it possibly can to make you happy! They are eager to learn providing they can recognize that they have a good teacher.

3. Good Health

The Pitbull is a formidable breed! They require a lot of care in the way of exercise and love, but they’re pretty hardy when it comes to their health. They have short coats; they don’t shed too often and they’re not prone to many genetic disorders like other breeds.

As long as they get plenty of exercise, they can be happy in a small home. Most pitbulls grow up to between 30-85 pounds in size, just like these adorable blue pitbull puppies for sale here.

4. Energy Levels

If there’s one thing that pitbulls have its energy in abundance. Pitbulls make great pets for active people and families with children. They always want to play and move around! If you’re a fitness fanatic, then your pitbull can make an excellent running buddy.

5. High Pain Tolerance

Why mention their pain tolerance? Well, pitbulls are strong dogs. If you have children and they have a habit of getting into rough play with your dog, then you need to know that it’s not going to snap at them.

Pitbulls will happily engage in a little rough play with your kids without you having to worry about a doctor’s visit.

So, Should I Get a Pitbull?

If you’ve been asking yourself ‘should I get a pitbull?’ then by now you should realize the answer is probably yes. If you have the time and the confidence from the beginning when it comes to training your dog, then you will soon have yourself the epitome of man’s best friend!

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