Are you aware that 63% of Americans own a tablet? You may be wondering whether you should join that group. And if you already own a smartphone or computer, you’ll need to understand how an iPad is distinct.

Should I buy an iPad? Read on to learn about the 5 reasons that you should!

1. Make Notetaking Simple

Apple iPad Pros

While you might have grown up with a notebook and pencil as your notetaking tools, it’s time for an upgrade. Purchase an iPad for an elevated way to record notes without adding another binder to your collection.

With a new iPad, you’ll get a compact tablet where you can handwrite your notes with an Apple pen or type them. And with the right case from, you’ll be the most stylish notetaker at your next meeting.

2. Share Your Portfolio with Clients

If you’re a graphic designer or photographer, a new iPad makes sharing your portfolio with potential and current clients easy. You won’t need to bother with a bulkier laptop or make someone squint at your smartphone.

You can also use an iPad Air to share presentations with smaller groups at conferences. If you’re at a networking event, a tablet offers an easy and professional way to share your website or sample work.

3. Gain a Compact Travel Device

Best ipad apps for business

If you’re among the 40% of Americans taking a vacation, an iPad Air is ideal. When you hop in the backseat of your car while someone else is at the wheel, you’ll have access to entertainment. Watch movies or listen to music to make the miles pass by even faster.

You can play games on an iPad, too. And you can set your iPad up with kid-friendly games so the littlest travelers always have something to keep them occupied.

4. Create Amazing Artwork

Apple products offer a superior way to create digital art. With an Apple pen and an iPad Air, you’ll be able to craft original illustrations or logo designs with exceptional clarity. The responsiveness of an iPad means you can simulate the look of oil paint, chalk, and airbrushing.

Best of all, you can save your digital creations on an iPad with a bigger storage capacity. Then you can share them with anyone you meet!

5. Read Books Easily

Apple iPad

For an avid reader, the benefits of iPads are clear. You won’t need to lug around library books or crowd your study with more paperbacks. Instead, you can read everything on your iPad.

The iPad screen size is similar to the size of a book, making reading a natural choice. Simply download a copy of the latest memoir or mystery novel you’ve been eager to read.

Should I Buy an iPad?

Are you still wondering, “Should I buy an iPad?” A new tablet offers a convenient way to do anything from sharing your graphic design portfolio to taking notes at a meeting. Use an iPad to stave off boredom during a road trip or generate unique drawings and designs, too.

When you need more tech advice, check back for new and informative articles!

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