If you’re in your 30s, you may have a lot more stability than you did in your 20s. A good job, a comfortable home, financial security, a fast car β€” it’s easy to think that’s all you need. But there are a few finer things that can make you really luxuriate in your new decade. You may not need the stereotypically manly items like a beer brewing kit or gift cards to a cigar-of-the-month club, but there are some things you need to buy.

While many of these essential items may be wardrobe-related, that’s not all you should focus on either. After all, you may be the most stylish you’ve ever been in your 30s, but is that enough? Your shirts may be work-appropriate, but did you think to focus on the quality of the material? When did you last update your toolkit, and do you follow the right diet for your age? With so many things to consider in your 30s, here’s a quick guide to what you should put on your next shopping list.

Here are the Tips

1. Buy the right mattress.

Whether you have back pain in your 30s or not, it’s essential to take better care of your back. You also need to improve your quality of sleep, which may suffer as you age. Ditching your old mattress is an excellent way to address both these concerns. So, ensure that you have a new one by the time you turn 30.

It’s essential to choose a durable mattress that will give you restful sleep, so remember to do some research before making any purchases. Also, figure out what sort of mattress works best for you instead of merely picking one with good reviews. Do you prefer foam or coil mattresses, a firm base, or a softer mattress with a topper?

Consider reputable options like the Aireloom mattress, which has a Patented Aireloom Lift. It’s a natural chamber between the springs and comfort layers, and whether you pick a firm or soft mattress will ensure you get more restful sleep on it. It’s also a good idea to consider things like whether you want an adjustable base and what sort of pillow will give your neck the best support while you sleep.

2. Focus more on fabrics.

Shopping Tips For Men

While you should consider updating your wardrobe to more grownup styles in your 30s, don’t forget to focus on the fabrics too. Not only will the right fabrics look more stylish, but they will also help you feel more comfortable throughout the day. Sure, you already have all the suit jackets, formal shirts and workwear you need for your job, but an excellent addition to any man’s wardrobe is a collection of comfortably, casual shirts.

Consider picking a comfy, breathable, and absorbent material to avoid any unsightly sweat stains in warmer weather. Bamboo shirts are a great option since bamboo has a softer feel and is more absorbent than wool or cotton materials. Bamboo clothing is also hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and super-stylish.

3. Get a statement timepiece.

Shopping Tips For Men

Regardless of how old you are, getting some statement accessories is always a good idea. For men over 30, these accessories should be classier than those you would wear in your 20s. Statement watches, cufflinks, and tie pins are all great options. When you’re buying a statement watch, remember to avoid digital watches, as these can ruin your look.

Instead, pick chronograph watches and luxury brands from reputed retail stores or watchmakers. You can try carrying a pocket watch if you think you can pull it off, but the best option is to pick a wristwatch from a brand like Patek Philippe. The Genevan watchmaker has a range of rose gold and yellow gold options to more subdued silver chain-link straps. You can also pick simple white dials or more stylish navy or black dials.

4. Shop for the right investments.

It would be best if you started to think about your financial health as early as possible, and especially in your 30s. This is why an important thing to add to your shopping list the year you turn 30 is a good investment for your financial future. Consider ways to make your money grow, so you have something to fall back on in trying times.

If you don’t know enough about money, and this is your first time investing, consult specialists who can help you with difficult decisions. If you have real estate assets, consider employing a reputable property management company with a history of excellent customer service, like Venterra Living. Property management companies can help you with everything from real estate acquisitions to management and are a great place to start your investment journey.

5. Find a new shoe store.

Do you still wear flip-flops everywhere? Do you wear sneakers with your workwear? While you don’t have to follow all style rules, it’s essential to update your shoe wardrobe as you age. The latest arrivals from your favorite sports shoe brand may look great as casual-wear, but they shouldn’t be the only shoes you own.

Whatever your shoe preferences are, invest in some dark-colored leather shoes, and dress boots for work. Also, consider loafers and boots instead of trainers and flip-flops. You don’t have to visit luxury shoe retailers, but try to buy good quality shoes that are more durable than discount-store options.

6. Don’t forget about trousers.

Shopping Tips For Men

If you still spend all day in denim, you may need to go on a shopping trip. Not everyone works in a corporate 9-5 job, so you may not need crisp trousers in the finest materials. You should still consider updating your trouser game and picking cotton and khaki bottoms over your denim favorites.

You don’t have to ditch the denim altogether, but you should balance it out with other options. Consider some formal trousers that pair well with suit or blazer options, and shop for corduroys and wool slacks for more casual options. If your preferences still include denim pieces, consider darker and more well-fitted jeans that will look good with sports blazers or casual shirts and jackets.

7. Buy some kitchen tools.

Shopping Tips For Men

Cooking is an essential life skill, so if you’re in your 30s and still can’t make yourself a wholesome meal, it’s probably time to learn how to do so. Health problems start to crop up in your 30s, making it challenging to stay healthy without the right diet. An excellent way to start eating more nutritious meals is to shop for kitchen essentials like a chef’s knife, pots, pans, and easy-to-use appliances.

If it’s your first time in the kitchen, you can streamline the experience by shopping for a grill and learning how to cook some quick, healthy, grilled meals. Shop for cast iron skillets, a good blender for healthy smoothie options, and an instant-read thermometer to make cooking easier for you.

8. Fill up your toolkit.

Shopping Tips For Men

While there’s no need for all men to know how to build a new home from scratch, some home improvement and do-it-yourself skills are essential. The rise of innovative technology may make it easy to avail yourself of most services at the touch of a button, but don’t let that make you a lazy handyman. Make sure you shop for the tools you need to be handy around the house, add a multi-tool to your kit, and learn how to fix a few things to make yourself a better handyman in your 30s.

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