With almost 36,000 fatal car accidents in the U.S. in one year, it is important to find what some common factors in such incidents are. One of those factors is looking at where the most common locations for accidents are. Do you know stats like these?

It turns out that any car accident in Miami and its surrounding region contributes to the region having a large percentage of U.S.-wide accidents. This article will list some of the stats surrounding such accidents so that you can understand the depth of the problem yourself. So, read on for some of the latest car accident statistics.

1. Crash Records

Car Accidents

Miami, and its surrounding county, have more car accidents than anywhere in the rest of Florida. There have recently been fewer crashes. Although, this is in part due to the pandemic rather than any public outreach program promoting safer driving.

2. How Many Accidents Every Year?

Before the pandemic, Miami car accidents had increased to the mid-60,000s every year. As of the end of 2021, this is hovering in the mid-50,000s. Though, we should remember that the pandemic had a large effect on this number.

3. How Many Accidents Involving Pedestrians?

Car accident statistics show that there have been over 1,000 accidents involving pedestrians every year for the past ten years. In 2021, this number exceeded 1,300. Over eighty of these accidents involved at least one fatality.

4. How Many Accidents Involving Bicycles?

Miami car accident statistics show that there have been over 700 accidents involving bicycles in 2021. 15 of these involved at least one fatality.

5. How Many Crashes With Injuries

In 2021, there were over 17,000 crashes in Miami that caused physical injuries. This was around 31 percent of the total number of crashes.

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6. How Many Injuries Total?

The number of injuries caused in 2021 during car crashes is higher than the number of crashes with injuries. This is because more than one injury can happen in a crash.

In 2021, over 25,000 people received injuries in Miami and its surrounding county because of car crashes.

7. How Many Deaths From Crashes?

Despite car accident laws intended to protect lives, deaths still occur from crashes. In 2021, there were over 300 crashes with at least one fatality and over 320 fatalities.

8. Does Death Relate To Gender?

Men have over double the rate of motor accidents as women. Men in the Miami-Dade county had 25 car accidents per 100,000 people, whereas women had only 11.

9. How Much Property Damage?

In 2019, one-third of all car accidents also involved property damage.

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10. How Dangerous Are the Roads?

Most Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

The last of our car accident facts relates to the safety of the roads themselves. It turns out that Miami plays host to 4 of the 15 most dangerous areas of road in the entire state of Florida. This means that there are more crashes, and more fatalities, than elsewhere in the state.

Information About Any Car Accident in Miami

You should now know much more about stats related to any car accident in Miami. You might still want to know more, though, and we want to help empower you to do that. If you want to know more about Florida in this way, check out the rest of our articles.

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