By mastering the craft of SEO strategies, you have finally managed to get traffic to your web pages and blogs through search engines and social media – but are you taking any measures to make it count? Currently, your website may be attracting traffic in droves but they’re not sticking through and riding the storm with you. 

We want your website’s traffic to convert into leads so that they can give you the sales you deserve. Despite having a good marketing strategy and incredible product recommendations, we have mentioned seven unique ways that will help you convert your traffic into prominent sales!

Here Are Seven Ways to Convert Your Traffic Into Sales

1. Newsletter Subscription

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Once your traffic lands on your website or your blog, you can welcome them with a pop-up and ask them for a subscription to your monthly newsletter. Your website is generating traffic because your consumers like your content or want to know more about your services and products. By prompting them with a newsletter invite, you’re not only using the most basic lead generation strategy in the digital marketing catalog but also helping your consumers to know more about your brand by investing their time in yours.

Design a pop-up with visual graphics that help define the outlook of your purpose. If your newsletter sports a catalog or blog about home interiors, then have the pop-up sport a minimal design along with a static yet subtle CTA for luring customers in. Get to know about the type of content your users prefer to read about or see on your web pages so that you can upgrade your website and send them regular updates as well.

2. Create Lead Magnets

We are not talking about content that your consumers can find on a competitor’s website. We are talking about content that’s highly relevant to your brand and worth every second of your targeted user’s time. 

For instance, if you are a high-end motivator or TedX speaker, you can post an unpublished video for users to sign up for as a lead magnet. If you own a digital marketing agency, you can publish thoroughly curated buyer metrics for targeted customers who would give anything (just what their contact details would do, anyway) to get a look into customer-converting strategies. 

Many content specialists create ebooks as lead magnets for attracting their customers. If you are looking to create market reports, white papers, or statistics, you can utilize designrr for producing market-specific ebooks, which would also act as lead magnets for attracting new customers.

 3. Call-to-Action

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are perhaps the primary marketing tool without which the subtext on a website can never survive. Usually, most marketers tend to use customer-converting CTAs near the website footers or embed them in the end or middle of an entertaining or featured blog post. Once your consumer has scrolled to the bottom of the web page, they can readily take action by clicking on the CTA and converting instantly. 

Try to build the trust of your visitors by offering them with CTAs to content that’s a premium yet free for a limited time. When a visitor lands on your blog or web page, they want to learn about your resources and the type and amount of solutions your brand can offer. If you bombard them with CTAs to content that’s expensive as a high investment opportunity without building their trust, your brand can face severe backlash.

4. Retargeting Ads

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Many visitors tend to abandon your web pages or their carts after scrolling through your website and adding products as per their choice. These customers are some of your highly targeted buyers to whom you can retarget with the help of remarketing strategies. Remarketing tools like AdRoll allow you to create ads streamlined with highly relevant product recommendations and offers and post them on websites other than your URL.

5. Introducing Content Upgrades

Content upgrades are apparently not too old a strategy in content marketing. Content marketers are using this strategy to facilitate their customers with additional content while they’re already hooked on their web pages. 

For instance, suppose a visitor is fixated on an article that deals with the latest fashion trends of the upcoming winter season. You can add a CTA to a video tutorial with exceptional copy and styling tips that will help your consumers get more information in addition to the content that’s already available. 

Or you can upgrade your content with an interactive copy that helps your consumers to get an idea about what you are talking about in the actual content. Basically, anything can serve as a content upgrade. It’s up to you as to how you can create a hit with content that’s already readily available.

6.  Podcasts and Webinars

You’ve already sparked interest in your highly engaging content for your customers. To keep the flame ablaze, give them an opportunity to either talk face to face with you via Facetime or an exclusive webinar for registered members or simply address the same in a podcast. 

webinar or a podcast will also help you to establish a positive fan base, but make sure the content you offer is personalized yet exclusive, engaging, and of high value. Consider yourself on the other end of the picture. Is there anything ‘extra’ you’d like to hear or get information about the content that already persists? 

7. Limited Offers

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Collaborate with influencers or other small businesses to bring each of your leads an interesting resource to avail. Clients love freebies – who wouldn’t? By partnering with different brands, you’re not only marketing their products and services but also providing yourself with a holistic branding opportunity in their domains. 

You can also bombard your consumers with limited offers or special promotional discounts that are unique to each user. For instance, if you see a visitor landing on your page a bit too often, convince them to make a purchase by luring them in with a specialized discounted coupon or offer that they cannot resist!

If executed properly, these marketing strategies can help you get the leads your brand rightfully deserves. To show that your marketing gimmicks have an essence, show your leads that you care about them by personalizing your strategies and helping them out towards making a sale!

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