In the case of an injury incurred while at work, you may be eligible for benefits via Workers’ Compensation. However, there are multiple factors that can be the deciding factor for the same.

You need to file a claim which will then be reviewed by the Workers’ Compensation governing board of your state. They will consider all the relevant factors and then decide the amount of your compensation.

The following are a few factors that can decide how much settlement you are likely to receive.

1. The nature of your injury

The most important factor in deciding the settlement amount is the severity of your injury.Β  Your injury may be as small as a cut on your hand to as huge as something that affects your mobility and maybe your ability to walk. Make sure that you have all the necessary reports and other medical papers in order before filing your claim.

2. The time cost of your injury

How much time did your injury take from you? How many days were you not able to work because of the injury? Were you able to attend work the very next day or in the next couple of days? Were you hospitalized and out of action for a few days? In case of a grave injury that resulted in you losing pay, then that will also play a big role in deciding your final settlement amount.

3. Eligibility

You need to be eligible for Workers’ Compensation and also your injury needs to be one among those defined by the law. Gather information about what your state law says regarding the same. If you are so full-time employee and if you get injured on-line then you can file for compensation. However, in case of any confusion, you should consult the HR team in your office who can help you out with the correct information.

It is good to consult an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases and get all your questions answered before filing a claim. As basic a question of whether you should agree for a settlement or not considering your case will be best decided by the attorney. At times, accepting a settlement may mean that you have to let go of multiple other things like the right to sue the company. Also, a good law firm like Pyrros & Serres LLP will be able to guide you better in case you feel that the settlement that the company is giving you is not enough considering your injury.

It is always recommended to keep all the required information and papers ready beforehand and also consult an expert before deciding on what exactly needs to be done. They can guide you to get the best possible settlement considering the nature of your case.

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