Did you know that SEO has been around since the start of the internet? Although some may argue that SEO and content strategy only officially began around 1997.

According to Bob Heyman, author of Digital Engagement, the field of SEO started when the manager of the rock band Jefferson Starship was upset that the band only showed up on page four of some search engines. He wanted to know what could be done to ensure the band always appears in the number one spot.

Since then, SEO practices have become commonplace and are utilized by a range of users spanning from large companies to individual blogs. So, keep reading for five SEO content strategy ideas to boost your traffic.

1. Use Your Keywords

Keyword Research

You can have the best content out there with the most factual information, but if you don’t use the right keywords no one will find your site – this is where keyword research comes into play. Keyword research will help you identify which keywords will have the biggest impact.

With keyword research, you’ll be able to identify high search volume (SV) or low SV, low-difficulty keywords in your field. High SV keywords are keywords that are searched frequently, but that also makes them very competitive. Low SV keywords offer you the chance to rank higher, but it also limits your range as it isn’t searched as much.

Help with seo for website

White hat link building is an SEO content marketing strategy that drives traffic to a website by relevant linking to other, relevant content on the internet. This helps boost a website’s ranking through more organic means.

This method is meant to enhance a user’s experience by increasing the quality of the content they’re consuming by adding depth and knowledge to it through relevant links.

3. Use a Variety of Content

SEO trends

To ensure you follow SEO content best practices, you need to include variety in your content. The same content format will bore a viewer, so you should consider shaking things up by adding:

  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Images

By using a variety of content formats, you’ll keep your audience engaged, and they’ll be less likely to get tired of your content.

When it comes to creating a content strategy for SEO, a blog should take priority. Blogging allows you to mix content formats on in a single post while also giving you plenty of opportunities to use keywords and white hat link building at the same time.

SEO Content Strategy Made Easy

When it comes to creating an SEO content strategy, you need to look at the bigger picture. You want to drive people continuously to your site instead of competitors, so you need to stay up to date with any emerging trends that can push you to number one.

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