It can be rather difficult to find the perfect nursing home. It’s a big change for all involved.

We asked Senior Care Center for some help on how to go about this in the best possible way. Below are 10 questions and answers they provided us, that should be answered before picking one.

How Long Has The Director Been There?

It is important to know how long the nursing home director has been at the nursing home facility. When there is a high staff turnover, it can be seen as a problem whereas staff retention is a good sign.

What Is The Staff Makeup And What Are The Ratios?

Find out how many registered nurses work at the facility as well as ratio of licensed nurses to certified nursing assistants. When there is a strong relationship between the nursing staffing levels it helps to ensure the overall quality in the nursing home.

Are The Staff Friendly?

Ensuring that the staff is friendly. Talk to the staff and find out how long they have worked at the facility and if they have enjoyed their time there.

What Is The Food Like?

Find out about the overall quality and taste of the food. Stop by on a Saturday or Sunday and see what is being served for lunch or dinner and if you would eat the food yourself.

Are The Relatives Of Residents Satisfied With The Facility?

Ask relatives of other residents what they have to say about the facility. While you are at the nursing home, talk to other family members who are visiting patients and see what they think about the overall quality of the home.

What Does The Activity Calendar Look Like?

Take a look at the weekly and monthly calendar to see what type of activities are planned. Find out how the staff engages residents throughout the week.

How Do The Residents Seem?

Do the residents look happy and well-cared for? If you see residents who are not clean and comfortable, this is a red flag about the general care in the facility.

Can You See Past Inspection Reports?

Have state inspectors found any issues with the home recently or in the past? Talk to management for a copy of their most recent inspection report or look for findings on the Florida Health Finder website.

Do They Comply With Federal Regulations?

Understanding the federal regulations about the home. It is possible to check out Nursing Home comparison website for further information as well as an overall rating.

Are They A Member Of A Trade Association?

In addition, find out if the nursing home is a member of a trade association such as the Florida Health Care Association or LeadingAge Florida. Membership requires that nursing homes meet specific standards and stay up to date on current standards.

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