The recent COVID-19 pandemic is uniting countries across the globe, as individuals self-isolate and social distance for the good of public health. People are craving connection during such an uncertain time, but how can loved ones comfort each other when they’re in isolation?

Phone calls, texting, and social media are excellent ways to stay connected, but nothing says “I care” like a gift from the heart. Flowers and gifts help long-distance loved ones celebrate birthdays and graduations. They also help comfort loved ones during loss and loneliness.

COVID-19 has completely changed the way retailers and consumers do business. This change means flower delivery companies have also adjusted their business practices to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This disruption begs the question: can you even ship flowers during a pandemic? Your options aren’t as limited as you may think.

Here are a few ways to send flowers and gifts to self-isolating loved ones

How Flower Delivery Businesses Are Adjusting

Consumers are relying on eCommerce more than ever, primarily, as brick-and-mortar retail locations run out of necessities. While most local florists have closed up shop, several online flower delivery businesses have remained in operation.

Consumers are understandably apprehensive about shopping for non-essential items, but flowers and gifts may be just the trick to lift your loved ones’ spirits. These businesses are accommodating CDC guidelines and customer concerns in several ways.

Health and Safety Measures for Flower Delivery Services

No contact is necessary for flower deliveries, so both recipients and drivers can maintain social distancing. Recipients aren’t required to sign for their gifts. Delivery drivers will simply leave the flowers at the porch or front desk.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that coronavirus exposure through package deliveries is low. This statistic also applies to packages that have traveled across state lines, various environments, and temperatures.

Flower and gifting companies are working with delivery carriers to ensure all WHO and CDC requirements are being met. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing situation, consumers should pay close attention to any updates to health and safety measures. Flower deliveries may be limited to certain areas, so it’s important to stay updated.

Flower delivery businesses are also taking necessary steps to ensure florists are following health and safety precautions. Professionals are required to follow the latest COVID-19 standards for hand-washing and sanitation practices. Drivers must also maintain proper ventilation in their vehicles.

Many online flower delivery companies offer gourmet food. Some services are still sending out food gifts, just so long as they practice the latest COVID-19 food handling standards. Fortunately, the CDC and FDA found that virus exposure is extremely low among food deliveries.

Food vendors must adhere to strict sanitation standards in their commercial kitchens. These standards include proper hand-washing, glove use, social distancing, and kitchen sanitation practices.

The CDC and FDA have not found any evidence of coronavirus being transmitted via food. It’s critical for everyone, both consumers and businesses, to watch the situation closely.

Send Virtual Flowers and Gifts

It’s nice to receive fresh flowers on your doorstep, but times are changing. You never know if your favorite florists will have to halt deliveries. There are several virtual alternatives to choose from.

Virtual gifts have been gaining steam for years. There’s never been a better time to stock up on digital gifts for your friends.

Use a virtual bouquet maker to choose digital flowers for your loved ones. All your recipient needs is a personal email address, and you’re good to go. You can send everything from springtime tulips to holiday bouquets.

Here are a few virtual gifts to consider during a pandemic:

  • Gift cards to grocery stores
  • Fast food gift cards for drive-thru runs
  • Drive-thru coffee and donuts gift cards
  • Personalized video message
  • Video game downloads
  • Virtual teddy bears and stuffed animals
  • Interactive e-cards

There’s a lot of opportunities to get creative with virtual gifts.

You can also create them for free!

Unleash your creative side. Make your own customized greeting cards with original art, animations, music, and more.

Things to Consider Before Sending Flowers in a Pandemic

There’s never been a more critical time to reach out and give back. Following health and safety measures is your utmost priority. Take extra precautions when sending flowers and gifts to loved ones. Senior citizens are most at risk.

Look for a service that prioritizes health and safety during these unprecedented times. Don’t hesitate to call a service’s support staff for more details.

Some florists may not deliver to nursing homes and hospitals during a pandemic. Remember to do your due diligence before sending physical gifts to high-risk individuals.

Most florists will include this information on their website. You may need to call since the COVID-19 situation changes.

Flowers are a lovely surprise, but surprise gifts aren’t the best idea during a pandemic. Talk to the recipient, or their caretaker, before sending a gift. Your recipients may be apprehensive about accepting physical gifts.

Flower recipients should also wipe down their gifts with disinfectant wipes before bringing them into the house.

Make Someone Smile When They Need It Most

It’s hard to stay positive during such uncertain times, but sending a heartfelt gift can go a long way. Decide whether flowers and gifts or virtual alternatives are the right solutions for your recipient. Keep this guide handy as you navigate this new shopping landscape.

Now’s the time to stock up on valuable life hacks. Check back often to get the latest tips, trends, and life hacks for this new world.

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