Visit Florida, the group charged with promoting tourism in the state has gotten national and international attention for its ad campaign promoting the hundreds of miles of Florida beaches that are not covered in oil.

The latest spot, “More Than Enough,” calls attention to Florida’s abundance of shoreline:

This comes straight from the playbook laid out by Florida State University economist Mark Bonn in an earlier TFI post on the spill’s economic effects.

Bonn says that Florida’s Gulf Coast relies on visitors who arrive by car from the Southeast and Ohio Valley regions, who may have been planning to visit Florida before the spill but may have since changed their plans and decided to head somewhere like Myrtle Beach instead.

The key for Florida’s tourism industry, he says, is to highlight the beaches in the state that have escaped the flow of oil, so those people keep coming here.

That’s one reason Visit Florida is providing constant updates on the status of the spill. It’s crucial for potential visitors to know that most beaches are clear.

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