Selling a house can be necessitated by several factors such as distress, business opportunity, wealth creation, or the search for a better neighborhood. Real estate agents can help but they charge high agency fees.

Homeowners can bypass real estate agents by using creative ways or other platforms to sell their homes. If they do so, they’re more in control of the selling process and the likelihood of a better deal is higher.

Below are some steps you can follow to sell your house in 2020 without a real estate agent.

1. Prepare your House

Preparation is needed to get the house in the best shape to enhance its salability. This involves cleaning, removal of clutter, and making some minor repairs. The main objectives are to attract and impress prospects.

Use this checklist for the exercise: –

  • Clean, clean, and clean- Ensure your floors, walls, ceilings, kitchen, and all other places are squeaky clean. This requires a good deal of time and effort. A cleaning company can help you with this exercise and remove stubborn stains that you can’t.

Good photos can improve the chance of getting offers from buyers like Avante Home Buyers that buy ready-made houses for cash.

  • De-personalize- Remove all personalized items, messages, and color themes. Items like wall paintings and engravings should be removed. The overall color scheme should be neutral.
  • Conduct some minor repairs- Repair or replace broken tiles, window panes, damaged ceiling, and the like. Look for signs of dilapidation as a basis for repair.

Give your house love and care before selling it. This will help you sell the house faster and at a better price.

2. Price Your House Accordingly

Real estate agents may not tell you  that the listing price of the house plays a huge role in determining the outcome of your sale. Invest time to know the true value and the prevailing market rate of your house.

This may necessitate the use of consultants like professional valuers or real estate experts to help determine the fair price. You can also get an idea about the price of your house by visiting websites that sell properties in your area.

Ensure that there’s room for negotiation after you set the price. A fairly set price represents the perceived market value of your property and can help you sell your house quickly.

3. Advertise your Property

Once the house is well prepared and a fair price is set, it’s time to find ways to get it into the market. You must allocate a budget for marketing and advertising.

These are the sub-items needed here: –

  • Good description- Engage a professional photographer to take great photos and create a teaser video. Write a good description that includes the price, location, proximity to amenities, and other essential details.

This is also vital to help you get real offers from buyers like Very Fast Home Buyers who buy houses for cash quickly.

  • Find home-selling websites- Find good websites that are frequently used by your target customers. You may have to pay a monthly subscription to ensure that your home listing stands out and more prospective buyers can see it. You’ll get access to tons of traffic that these sites have gathered over time.
  • Social media sites- There are several ways in which you can use social media for selling your house. These include leveraging the power of individual profiles, influencer pages, real-estate groups, or sponsored posts. Social media is a low-cost option if used to target a well-defined audience.

Advertising a well-described property is one of the critical steps in finding genuine buyers.

4. Prepare for Negotiation

When prospective buyers on the websites find your property interesting, they’ll contact you. Depending on how genuine the buyers are, a good number will request for a site visit. Buyers will initiate negotiation during the site visit after comparing the property with the images they saw on the websites.

Have a preset bargaining price range to guide and control the negotiation exercise.

5. Documentation

Find out the legal requirements to ensure that there are no legal hassles during the selling process. This includes understanding the local regulations, processes, taxes, and formats of the legal documents.

Involve a property attorney. They’re well versed in legal and compliance matters that you need to be aware of.

Can you Sell a House Without the help of a Real Estate Agent?

Yes, it’s very much possible. Prepare your house before embarking on selling it. Ensure you find effective avenues to list your property after getting good photos and writing a convincing description. Use social media channels, websites, and other avenues that can help you sell your house faster and at a good price.

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