Are there ways to sell a home quickly in Milwaukee, WI? The same principles that apply in the rest of the country, also apply in Wisconsin. It’s all in the staging. Dave Ramsey, the budget guru, offers the following advice, and he should know. He’s made a small fortune by buying real estate wisely and by selling it wisely, too. The following tricks cost nothing, but they are research-based and sure to help you move your property quickly. 

Stage your home thoughtfully. A study by the Real Estate Staging Association found that owners who carefully stage their home will receive an offer in just 23 days, 90% faster than those who didn’t. If your budget’s tight, these tips for staging your home effectively are free. They involve some elbow grease, but you don’t need professional skills to do this!

Channel your inner neat freak! It’s absolutely time to declutter your home by donating things you haven’t used for years, and making your environment streamlined and inviting. In this way, potential buyers have more space in which to picture their belongings, and it makes your space look larger, besides. Be sure to pay particular attention to the following areas of your home:

  • Kitchen and bathroom counters–remove the magnets. The children’s artwork has to go!
  • Fireplace mantels–they often collect “junk” when there’s nowhere else to place it. 
  • Laundry room shelves–put supplies you use regularly into storage containers for easy access in the meantime.
  • Tabletops–nothing but a centerpiece should be on your tabletop.
  • Magazine racks–All the books and magazines with which you can’t part should be on a bookshelf or stored. 
  • Streamline your closets and donate items that have been taking up space for a year or more. It will make your move easier, too!

Rearrange your furniture. Once you’ve decluttered, step back and look at your rooms with the big picture in mind. Create spaces for easy traffic flow, and make “conversational areas” that invite guests to sit and chat for a while. Rather than putting all your furniture against the wall in the living room, consider creating multiple sitting spaces where a small group would want to chat. This furniture arrangement makes your home cozier and inviting. Donate items you’ve wanted to remove! You’ll thank yourself when you move. 

Think like a buyer. They don’t want to picture all the work ahead if they were to buy your home. This shouldn’t be an ordinary weekend cleaning, but a deep spring cleaning. I know. It’s a daunting task, so pace yourself. Clean one room per day from top to bottom. Remember ceiling fans, windows, the tops of things you can’t see (taller buyers will be touring, too). You are probably comfortable with your own dust, but a buyer is like a guest at a hotel. What would you expect from your hotel in terms of cleanliness? If you have money for repairs or updates, consider the costs v. benefits for moving your home quickly. 

Set the table. Consider staging your dining room table, set for two, with your best settings. This centers viewers on the heart of your home where they can picture years of sharing good meals with family and friends. 

Bring the outside in. If flowers are in season and available in your yard, create inviting bouquets that smell wonderful and remind the viewers of what beautiful bouquets they’ll be able to create from your gardens. Tend the gardens, too! Be sure your home is smelling nice by touching up counters with your favorite cleaning solution or having candles and potpourri in strategic locations around the house. 

Timing. If you have time to wait, it’s worth noting that homes tend to sell more quickly during the spring and summer months when moving is easier for those in the cold weather zones. However, if you don’t have that luxury, don’t despair. Just like you, there are buyers who need to buy at “off-seasons” just as you need to sell. Make your home stand out by staging it well, and it will be well worth your elbow grease. Make the whole family help if you have older children. If you don’t have time to stage your home and find yourself in a bind, there are reputable home buyer companies that can buy your home quickly and will take care of the details for you. A solid company like has highly trained realtors and staff who can help you with this big transition! You’ll have cash in your pocket quickly, and you won’t have the worry of staging your home.

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