Kansas City is the biggest city in Missouri and the lower cost of living is one of the many reasons people move there. The city offers a good mix of urban and suburban communities from which to choose.

Unfortunately with the coronavirus, there are some people who have sadly lost their jobs and they have to look at selling their homes. They try and sell without the services of an estate agent, and while it can save them money, it can be difficult.

All About Selling your home in Kansas City

Determine the right selling price

Determine the correct selling price for your home. Just as a guide, early in 2020, the median list prices of homes in Kansas City was roughly $207,000.

Pricing your home correctly is important, particularly if you want to sell it quickly.  You want to do research and offer a fair market value. The research will give you an idea of what the local market price is.

Get a fair offer

The days and months can pass and you may start to stress that your house is not being sold. OfferHouse are home buyers in Kansas City and they take away the stress of not getting your house sold. They look at your home, even if it is in a bad state of repair. They provide you with a fair offer, which if you accept, they will close in 20 days on average.

They even do the repairs and pay your back taxes. They remove all the complications of selling your home without an agent and they make the selling process easy.

Most buying and selling of homes these days is done online. You can always try to find a good property website in Kansas City that comes wtth a host of features that make it possible for you to advertise your home properly.

Good photos will be important and you will want clear close-ups and angled photos. Take photographs of every room. If you can, find out how to include a virtual tour of your place.

Include signage

Signage is an excellent idea as a board outside your home will encourage home shoppers to jot down your number and call you. A good ‘for sale’ sign can do an excellent job for you around the clock.

You will  need a solicitor

Selling your house on your own will require you to get a solicitor or conveyancer to deal with all the legal aspects of selling your house. If you receive offers for your property, the buyer interested in your property will need to sign an offer to purchase.

There are so many legal standards and loopholes to contend with when selling your home on your own. By handing it over to OfferHouse they can quietly buy it at a great price and they relieve you of the burdens of selling it.

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