Despite our best efforts to avoid trouble, danger can make its way into our lives. If you don’t own or have a gun right now, you’ll need to have another alternative to protect yourself with. Thankfully, there are self-defense gadgets you can carry and use during an emergency.

In 2016, there were about 1.2 million violent crimes in the United States. These included rapes, aggravated assault, robbery, and murder. The result of such crimes is physical, mental, emotional pain, or death.

No one wants their sense of control taken away from them. Self-defense gadgets ensure you can keep yourself safe long enough to call for help. Keep reading to learn what you can use if you don’t have a gun.

Great Examples of Self-Defense Gadgets

According to the Department of Justice, 1.3 percent of people over 12 years old experienced violent victimization in 2016. As such, it’s a good idea to have a hidden tool for defense in case you get into a dangerous situation.

Here are great examples of self-defense gadgets you can use:

1. The Defender Pepper Spray

The Defender device comes with a high-grade pepper spray and a siren. It also has smart features that allow it to take a photo of your attacker. It then sends this photo and your location to a team monitoring emergencies.

The team passes this information to the police.

Pepper spray blinds your attacker and causes boiling hot eye pain. Other people experience breathing problems, which may lead to respiratory arrest. Moreover, the spray can burn the skin and cause swelling of the eyes and nose.

It will disorient your assailant and allow you to flee to safety.

2. Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is both a real pen and a weapon. They make it using very hard aluminum and give it a sharp edge at the front.

The tactical pen is useful for dealing blows, poking, and stabbing. These actions will dissuade the threat from continuing their attack. You can also use the sharp tip for breaking glass during emergencies.

3. Rechargeable Runt Stun Gun

If an attacker gets too close, you can shock them with a stun gun. These small devices pass a high voltage through your assailant. This causes disorientation, loss of balance, and confusion.

Plus, the electric shock causes the muscles to spasm. This makes it difficult for your attacker to follow you after you escape.

These devices are easy to conceal. For example, some companies hide them in mobile phones. Scotsman Shield offers these types of self-defense gadgets.

4. Tactical Knife

Despite their small size, knives are very efficient in close battles. Tactical knives are sturdy tools that can withstand the rigors of a fight. It is small and lightweight, which makes it easy to hide from your attacker.

Thus, you can surprise them with a cut or a stab when they approach you. Consider using the strong handle as a hammer during the fight.

Another type of knife you can use is the comb knife. This is a comb with a hidden knife inside, which means it will look innocent to your attacker until you unsheathe it and stab them.

5. Vigilant Personal Alarm Key Chain

Never underestimate the impact of a powerful alarm. It is one of the top home security tools. Luckily, you can use this type of deterrent in public.

The Vigilant Personal Alarm keychain is a small yet loud device. This alarm will alert passersby and bring people to help you. The keychain also has a whistle you can use.

Many people use it to complement other self-defense gadgets. This means you can beat off your attacker and make enough noise to get help.

The PANIK App in mobile smartphones serves a similar purpose. It has a loud siren to scare off the threat. It also integrates with social media to send a distress message to your followers.

6. Peacekeeper Mini

The Peacekeeper Mini is a device that looks like a pistol magazine. It has a pepper spray and a bright flashlight on the other end. It can alert your family and friends when you are in danger.

This alert works through the inbuilt Bluetooth technology. If you switch it on and connect it to your smartphone, it sends them to your location. It will also send the alert to anyone within one-mile of your location.

7. Collapsible Steel Batons

If you are the swing-and-hit type, you’ll appreciate having a collapsible steel baton. These devices more than double in size when opened. They come with a rubber handle, a steel frame, and a steel knob at the end.

This rubber handle gives you a firm grip as you whack your attacker repeatedly. One hit and they’ll think twice about following you. The baton is not heavy to carry so you can have it with you at all times.

8. Unbreakable Umbrella

The unbreakable umbrella works like any other umbrella to protect you from the sun, wind, and rain. Beyond that, you can use it to hit assailants since it is unbreakable.

It is a lightweight steel umbrella with a telescopic shaft. Moreover, you can use it as a walking stick since it can support someone’s weight.

9. Fury Tactical Kuba-Kickz

Kuba-Kickz are tiny spikes you insert between your shoelaces. They are lightweight and easy to hide. Just pick a color that matches your shoelaces and no one will notice them.

Their sharp and pointy tips can be devastating to an attacker. All you have to do is kick their legs and then run away to safety. Be careful not to hurt yourself, your kids, or your pet when wearing the Kuba-Kickz.

10. Heavy Duty Hand Claw Spikes

The last example of great self-defense gadgets is something used by mountain climbers. Hand claw spikes can be very useful when fighting off an attacker.

They have comfortable straps that wrap around your hands. The spikes are sharp and sturdy. As such, they’ll be a nightmare for anyone who tries to grab you.

Learn More about Self-Defense Gadgets

Using self-defense gadgets can be key to saving your life. Their purpose is to get you enough space and time to escape from your attacker. Remember to call the police once you get to a safe place.

Contact us to learn more about how to protect yourself!

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