Are you thinking of using CBD tinctures?

Many people all over the world keep on talking about CBD. From their uses to their benefits, to how they’re all natural, and to how more states should make recreational CBD usage legal. Despite all the hubbub they’ve caused, many people still doubt whether these claims are legitimate or not.

Are you finding yourself conflicted in choosing which side to believe? Well, who can you trust better than yourself? Give CBD a try and determine for yourself if it’s good or bad.

If you still find yourself in need of a push, read what we have below. We have 6 reasons why you should try CBD oil that may be enough to convince you that CBD is not a bad thing.

1. It’s All Natural

Many people believe that pure CBD oil is harmful because it’s a foreign element to our body like nicotine. This is not the case.

In fact, there is a small amount of CBD in our bodies all the time. These are called “endocannabinoids.”

They make up our body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is what sustains homeostasis within our bodies. They help prevent any certain chemical from being too overabundant in our body’s systems.

Taking CBD helps replenish the endocannabinoid system. It also helps it do its job, ensuring that everything in your body is in perfect balance. Doing this helps prevent certain illnesses like hypothyroidism, which is a result of a lack of production in iodine in the body.

It’s also all natural in the sense that everything about it comes from the soil. CBD and the oils made from CBD don’t have any additives. Everything that makes up their oils come from the plant itself.

From the roots to the stem, to the leaves and flowers, even the seeds of the cannabis plant are what they use in making the oils. This means nothing artificial goes into the final product.

Read more here to learn about the oils and the plant where CBD comes from.

2. It Serves as a Natural Pain Relief

One of the most common reasons people use CBD is for pain relief. Often, people will use CBD instead of using over the counter medications because it is, in their words, much more effective and natural.

Other people even say it helps with their chronic pain. This is because CBD has natural components which help numb the nerve endings where it’s applied. That’s right, you only need to apply CBD onto the affected area to help reduce the pain.

What most people worry about is that you need to ingest CBD to help with the pain. While it’s possible, this is unnecessary most of the time. There are other ways to take in CBD like inhaling vapors if you’re not comfortable with applying it on your skin.

CBD also helps with inflamed areas. You only need to rub the oil on the area affected and you can start to see the swelling go down. This often only takes a couple of minutes up to one hour to take effect.

3. CBD Tinctures Don’t Make You Fail Drug Tests

This is the biggest fear people have when thinking about using CBD. In reality, there is nothing to fear because CBD made from hemp contains less than 1% of THC. Drug tests look for high amounts of THC in your blood, so you won’t appear positive in a test.

However, using CBD derived from marijuana may cause you to test positive in a drug test. While many people will panic because of that, you should have nothing to fear. As long as you can prove that you got dinged because you used CBD.

Contrary to popular opinion, CBD is not illegal. In fact, it’s legal in all states. That said, you can carry your receipts and prescriptions with you if that will make you feel better.

4. This Can Help Overcome Anxiety Issues

Many people use CBD to counteract their anxiety disorders. This is because cannabidiol has properties that help their users feel more relaxed. For example, someone with PTSD can use CBD to help them cope with their triggering effects and overcome their episodes.

It’s also debated whether CBD is an effective alternative to antidepressants. Many studies further back up this theory, like how controlled groups of people with clinical depression respond better when using CBD and don’t come to rely on continuous usage for it to be effective.

If more studies and test prove this to be true, it could reduce the need for people with clinical depression to get therapy, both face to face and online therapy.

5. CBD Can Help with Nicotine Withdrawal

If you’re a smoker looking to quit, then hemp oil benefits you in more ways than one. Tests made by a pilot study showed that those who inhaled CBD vapors didn’t have cravings for nicotine as opposed to those who weren’t exposed to CBD.

It’s also shown to help people cope with the effects of withdrawal. For example, most people experience a degree of insomnia during withdrawal. After using CBD, many users felt drowsy and some even got some sleep.

CBD also helps with the shakes that come with withdrawal. Not only that, it can even help with the shakes caused by Parkinson’s disease.

6. CBD Helps in Fighting Cancer

Some studies prove that CBD helps the body fight against cancer. It’s said that cannabidiol helps suppress cancer-causing cells.

Also, they help people who’ve undergone chemotherapy. CBD does this by helping reduce their nausea and the vomiting that comes with it. It also helps them regain their appetite and relieve pain from treatment.

It also works as a sedative for most people, helping them sleep to pass the pain they feel. This is a tremendous feat considering most modern drugs struggle to do this. Most of the time, patients say modern medication doesn’t come close to the effects of CBD.

Experience the Benefits of CBD Oil for Yourself Today

CBD tinctures are becoming mainstream, and for good reason too! No other natural product has the same amount of benefits it has. So, go and get your CBD now!

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