Via The Miami Herald’s Naked Politics:

The 11th District Court of Appeal in Atlanta reversed a Florida court Friday and agreed to Republican Rick Scott’s request for an injunction halting Florida’s public financing law, saying it violates his 1st and 14th amendment rights.

The decision will put an immediate halt to the matching money McCollum is entitled to when Scott, as expected, exceeds the state’s $24.9 million spending cap.


From Luke Johnson at The American Independent:


The ruling means that Scott’s opponent, Bill McCollum, will not be entitled to $24.9 million in matching funds from the state if Scott spends over that amount. The court ruled that the subsidy violated Scott’s First Amendment rights and that preliminary relief from the law would not adversely affect the public. The court dismissed claims that the law served an “anticorruption function” and thought that the cap would cause “irreparable harm” to Scott if an injunction did not occur.

Now, Scott is free to spend as he wants, while McCollum will not get much-needed matching funds that the campaign had been counting on, as the campaign said it only had $800,000 cash on hand in a July 13 affidavit.

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