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Florida Gov. Rick Soctt said on Fox and Friends today that ”you cannot win the presidency if you don’t win in Florida.”

Scott said Ronald Reagan and George Bush won the Florida straw poll and went on to win the nomination and the presidency. He added that whoever wins the straw poll this Saturday will be the Republican nominee. “And I believe the Republican nominee will be the next president,” he said.

Scott added, “They’re gonna be the next president. They are gonna be the one who will have the jobs plan. They will turn our country around.”

“We’ll have over 3,000 delegates here on Saturday,” Scott said. “They’re the Republican activists. You have to participate in this, you have to win it.”

Scott defended his administration’s results: “We cut taxes, we cut regulation, we balanced our budget, no new debt and we’re second to Texas this year in job creation — 87,000 private sector jobs in eight months. I hope the federal level will end up doing the same thing.”

Ten GOP presidential candidates — including Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul — will speak at CPAC FL, held in Orlando on Fri., Sept. 23. The American Conservative Union recently announced Scott will speak at the event.

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