Possibly prompted by a recent Miami Herald investigation (which can be found here and here), Gov. Rick Scott yesterday vetoed House Bill 4045, which eased some of the reporting requirements for the regulation of assisted living facilities.

In his veto message, Scott noted that “there have been recent reports of certain facilities falling short of what is currently required by statutes and rules and what should reasonably be expected by residents.”

“Until a more deliberate examination of the regulation and oversight of assisted living facilities is conducted, I do not believe it is prudent to relax any reporting requirements for assisted living facilities,” he added.

To that end, he pledged to create a task force to review current assisted living facility regulations. The Herald‘s Michael Sallah recently told NPR’s Talk of the Nation that state Sens. Nan Rich, D-Weston, and Ronda Storms, R-Brandon, were also interested in looking into regulation of the facilities as an interim project before the next legislative session. More on that here.

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