The Republican Party of Florida will host its Presidency 5 event in Orlando later this month. On the event’s agenda is a presidential straw poll, a Fox News debate, and a keynote address by Gov. Rick Scott. The event will also feature a Faith and Freedom Coalition rally.

The event will be held at the Orange County Convention Center Sept. 22-24 and will coincide with the first-ever Florida Conservative Political Action Conference.

In a press release, former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Dave Bitner said the event will “give the candidates an opportunity to bring their message directly to the people of Florida while allowing voters to participate in a poll that has historically predicted the eventual Republican nominee for President.”

The first such Republican Party of Florida-sponsored event (Presidency 1) took place in November 1979. The majority of attendees voted for Ronald Reagan over his primary opponents. Reagan went on to receive the national party nomination and eventually won the presidency over Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Watch an ad for the event:

P5 Live Promo from The Victory Group on Vimeo.

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