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Florida Gov. Rick Scott spoke to Fox News’ Bill Hemmer about next week’s Florida primary on America’s Newsroom this morning, emphasizing the importance of jobs and “getting people back to work.”

Early voting has already begun in many parts of the state — and thus far, the turnout has been steady. Around 225,000 Florida residents have already turned in their ballots, a sign that “Florida voters are very concerned about the next president,” Scott said.

One area likely to garner much media attention in the coming week is Florida’s I-4 corridor, which is rife with independent voters that go various ways on national elections.

“The I-4 corridor’s very, very, very important, and they care about jobs, and that’s what’s going to be important this week,” Scott said.

Though Hemmer brought up the fact that many Florida voters are also focused on the real estate market and health care issues, Scott continued to emphasize the need for candidates to come out with specific plans to address unemployment.

“[The voters] want the president to focus on one thing: jobs, jobs, jobs,” Scott said. “We still have 900,000 people out of work. We want someone who’s going to help them get back to work.

Though Scott has chosen not to endorse anyone (which many have speculated might actually be helpful to candidates, due to his unpopularity), he did applaud both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich for taking on the jobs issue, adding that “it’s going to really be important that this week [Romney] gets out there and says, ‘This is very simply what my plan is.’”

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