Alex Sink’s campaign has unearthed video of a 1995 deposition given by Rick Scott prior to his company paying a record setting $1.7 billion in fines, featuring the former CEO of Columbia/HCA avoiding questions and repeatedly asking the interviewing attorney for definitions of simple words. Sink’s campaign crafted a two-minute version of the footage, featuring Scott shrugging, answering questions with questions, and apparently having a tough time identifying his own signature.

Scott’s campaign has now released a statement responding to the video: “At best, the video is a dishonest attempt by the Sink campaign to smear Rick Scott when if you watch the full video in context it’s rather boring.”

Scott’s campaign also told the the St. Petersburg Times: ”These were civil lawsuits about business disputes that all involved trial lawyers looking for a payday for their clients. Given those circumstances, Rick was not going to be overly cooperative to give another trial lawyer a payday.”

To download the entire deposition, click here.

The Sink clip:

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