Gov. Rick Scott (Pic via Facebook)

Gov. Rick Scott, who has been mostly silent on the plan to privatize 27 prisons currently moving through the Florida Senate, told reporters he is “hopeful” the state Senate will pass its bill.

Scott said that privatizing the prisons would be an “opportunity for taxpayers in the state to save money.”

“Why wouldn’t we take this oppurtunity to save money?” Scott asked reporters today.

Labor groups, corrections workers, faith groups, tea party members and Republican and Democratic legislators have all denounced the plan. Many claim it will undermine public safety and put many public corrections workers out of work. Opponents have also claimed the state has rushed the bill even though little is known about the fiscal impact.

However, those who support prison privatization — Scott included — are saying it is a prudent cost-saving measure.

“I am hopeful the House and Senate will approve it because it is the most logical way to save some money,” Scott said.

You can watch him talk to reporters, via The News Service of Florida, here.

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