Gov.-elect Rick Scott stopped short Friday of saying whether he would accept federal funding for a high-speed rail line from Tampa to Orlando, a day after federal transportation officials announced another $342 million for the project.

During a town hall meeting in Tampa, Scott said he would not make a decision on whether to accept the funding until he reviews financial details on the project, according to television news reports of the event.

When Scott takes office, he has the power to pull the plug on the project if he refuses to accept billions of federal dollars allocated for the project, as governors-elect in Wisconsin and Ohio have.

This comes a day after federal transportation officials announced funding for high-speed rail in Wisconsin and Ohio has been reallocated to several states, including Florida.

Since his election on Nov. 2, Scott has expressed concern that Florida taxpayers would still have to make up for shortfalls on the project and has called for private companies bidding on the project to put up their own money.

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