The St. Petersburg Times’ PolitiFact served as an invaluable tool for other journalists preceding the 2012 midterm elections, analyzing candidates’ comments while rating their veracity, ranging from ‘True’ and ‘Mostly True’ on one side of spectrum to ‘False’ and ‘Pants on Fire’ at the other end.

With the end of 2010 approaching, PolitiFact is holding a contest letting readers choose the “Lie of the Year.”

The site’s editors and writers will also choose their pick for the Lie of the Year to go alongside the reader’s choice. The list of finalists includes slightly more Republicans, with five of the eight lies coming from the Republican side of the aisle. Included in the list are statements by two Florida politicians:

“Taliban Dan” Webster thinks wives should submit to their husbands. – Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla.

“The stimulus has not created one private sector job.” – Gov.-elect Rick Scott, R-Fla., and others

Read PolitiFact to see the full list of finalists.

Patrick Caldwell reports for The American Independent.

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