The Rick Scott campaign made its way to Jacksonville’s Prime Osborne Convention Center to film a series of television spots today. On Sunday, the campaign sent out an open casting call for 200 extras wishing to “join Rick Scott for lunch and a commercial shoot.”

Campaign reps estimated that between 250 and 300 people had shown up for the event, but media was restricted. No cameras or cell phones were allowed into the convention center. Scott ally and Republican state Rep. Mike Weinstein (who knows a thing or two about campaign commercials) was seen milling about the convention center lobby during a sandwich and potato chip lunch.

According to press rep Chris Purcell, 245 people RSVPed to the shoot, which will hopefully garner the campaign a wide range of footage: “We expect these spots to air in the last two weeks of the campaign, and we’re looking to get a number of different things accomplished.” Purcell said that today’s event was the only one of its kind planned before the Nov. 2 election, only three weeks away. Scott was expected to chat with locals before filming began.

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